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A Dash of Wilderness

Words and images by Priya Gore

Priya Gore

Step into the enchanting world of Priya Gore, where the extraordinary comes to life on canvas through animated depictions of birds and wildlife. Her paintings are a breathtaking symphony of color, vibrating with energy. Priya’s process of painting is like a joyous dance, each lyrical movement breathes life into the birds that are often the subject of her art.

Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of the Australian wilderness, from tropical rainforests to diverse wildlife, Priya’s heart carries the love for her homeland. As a slow-madic artist, she travels the globe with her family, viewing each journey as a source of inspiration. For Priya, the exploration of new cultures, art, history, and forging genuine connections with people enriches her artistic practice.

Priya Gore

Believing that global unity, empathy, and peace are vital lessons, Priya sees her travels and varied residencies as integral to her daughter’s education. Recent months spent on the islands of Bali and Java have left an indelible mark on her mind and soul, influencing the art that is unfolding from her easel.

Using the highest quality acrylic paints on premium canvas, Priya ensures the archival quality of her original paintings. When you gaze upon Priya Gore’s magnificent creations, you can almost envision her before the canvas—brush in hand, applying each stroke with a graceful, flowing gesture, infusing her art with A Dash of Wilderness.

Priya Gore

In 2023, Priya achieved recognition as a finalist in the David Shephard Wildlife Foundation’s Wildlife Artist of the Year competition. Her presence in London’s Mall Galleries during September showcased the finalist piece “Love. Light. Wren.,” which claimed the third-place People’s Choice Award among 125 artworks from around the globe. Priya’s art, highly coveted, graces both private and public collections worldwide—Australia, USA, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Brunei, among others.

For those eager to connect with Priya and stay informed about her latest releases including the Bali collection created while staying at Artist in Residency in Ubud, her website, karibufineart.com, serves as the gateway to join her community.

IG: @karibufineart
FB: Karibu Fine Art