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A Healthier Way Of Golfing

Handara Introduces A Healthier Way Of Golfing Through Fit Golf

There are many reasons for one to be passionate in a particular sport. A common reason is keeping one’s health fitter and stronger. It also work wonders for the mind and soul. Golf is one of the many sports that offers lots of health benefits. Whether you play golf to keep fit or you stay fit to aim a good score for the game, the benefits of playing golf actually work many ways.

Handara Golf & Resort introduced a new golf program – Fit Golf. This program is specially catered for those who play golf to keep healthy and fit. This program will do the 18 holes golf course through walking. It is only program in Bali that has the 18 holes walking golf course. The benefits of walking when you golf with Handara attributes to your physical and health well-being. You also get to experience the beauty of the course in Bedugul every step of the way. Walk your way to healthier, happier you with Handara’s Fit Golf.