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A letter from Dean Keddell

Dean Keddell

A letter from Dean Keddell – Our Bali Your Bali – Bali Kita Bali Kamu

Hello friends,

Exciting news! I’d like to let you know I have just received a shipment of OUR BALI YOUR BALI – Bali KITA BALI KAMU books, and these are now for sale in Bali.

COVID really made sending my book around the globe challenging, cargo prices keep increasing and there is now such a thing as a COVID surcharge added to all freight. To buy OUR BALI YOUR BALI – BALI KITA BALI KAMU online and have it sent to Asia now costs AU$120 per book. The good news is I had 200 sent to me directly from Guangzhou to Bali by sea which allows me to sell the books to you for AU$85 (Rp.900,000), the same price as you would pay if in Australia, a bargain indeed.

Dean Keddell

As a refresher I would like to remind you why this book is necessary. I have been on a mission for over a year now to help my staff, their families and the charities that local villagers are relying on for support. As I am sure you are aware basics like food, water and clothing are in very short supply throughout the island, there is a very real struggle to continue with education and hope is running out for many. I have now sold nearly 5000 books and have raised AU$375,000 so far. 100% of the profits going to those in need. A 3rd edition is currently being edited and will go to print soon, I will continue my crusade for as long as I can and will continue to be as resourceful as possible, the USA is my next target.

Dean Keddell

I had many generous Bali based businesses donating vouchers in support of my campaign. I also have the support of some big-hearted Aussie restauranteurs, celebrities and journalists all who care about what is happening in Bali. There is a thank you in the back of my book that lists all these wonderful caring souls, every one of which has made a difference to the lives of so many.

And in case you haven’t heard OUR BALI YOUR BALI – Bali KITA BALI KAMU has just received recognition by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards of which my book placed in the top 3 of their most prestigious categories, I have to wait till next year to find out where I placed but to be in the top three is really amazing. I mention this because with the charity aspect aside, OUR BALI YOUR BALI is a strong enough work to stand on its own, its Bali encapsulated in 400 pages of meaningful stories and beautiful photography, I think this is a book anyone would be proud to own.

A note from the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards:

The very high quality of your cookbook really surprised me. The photography is stunning. The recipes will make this book the reference for years. It is a huge work. It shows the author is an expert professional. This is one of the best three books the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards have received. It does have no limit of the best ingredients, love and caring.

This is the link to my campaign if you’d like to learn more: https://chuffed.org/project/bali-needs-our-help To purchase your copy in Bali please contact me directly. 

These are links to the five charities that mean so much to me:

  1. Bali Children’s Foundation – helping thousands of local children to complete school and to find employment.
  2. Scholars of Sustenance – combatting the effects of COVID-19 by providing nutrition to those in need.
  3. Friends of the National Parks Foundation – working to protect wildlife and their habitats, at the same time supporting local communities.
  4. East Bali Poverty Project – helping people to help themselves
  5. Bali Wise by R.O.L.E Foundation – empowering marginalized women through skills education, as a means to develop sustainablecommunities.

If you’d like to help by selling OUR BALI YOUR BALI – BALI KITA BALI KAMU through your business I am happy for you to do this by consignment, no need to pay upfront. As always, any help is greatly appreciated.