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A group of visionaries and creators are busy experimenting with innovative ways of living at Nuanu on the island of Bali.

The first of its kind, the Nuanu project is a catalyst for transformation; a world-class experiment designed to establish a brighter future for generations to come.

Sprawled across 44 hectares of prime beachfront land, the group behind the project are working tirelessly to create an environment that enables leaders, creators and makers to build and test new ideas to transform society based on a new model of community.

Nuanu is supporting projects aimed at solving modern-day city problems. A big challenge in itself, since humanity doesn’t know how to do it yet. The growing global desire of mankind, however, is to find a way to live in harmony with one another, nature and technology.

So, how do we recreate and revolutionise educational systems? We need to start somewhere, and perhaps revisiting the proven methods of our past, whilst simultaneously experimenting with new models is the beginning when answering that question.

Balinese Influence
Located next to Nyanyi beach, right in the heart of traditional Tabanan Regency, the Nuanu team have been heavily influenced by the surrounding community, immersing themselves in the philosophy Tri Hita Karana. Driven by a unifying cause that combines God, man and nature, they have shown devotion to a powerful vision.

One of Nuanu’s chief innovators, James Larkin, Chief Project Director, is part of the passionate team with years of experience across many industries. He is united by their goal to design the best possible future, believing in the strong power of collaboration.

“We asked ourselves how to get involved with the local community and take it to a global scale while staying true to our vision”, commented Larkin. “The 90% of people on this project are local, from the core team to the constructor and architecture team, communication, events, participating actively in the creative process”, he adds.

Nuanu Group has followed in the footsteps of the Balinese people to promote harmony among fellow human beings through communal cooperation. Inspired and guided to co-create a new space of living and learning. The Balinese culture manifests many celebrations using numerous rituals and offerings to live harmoniously. This ancient vision, together with the peaceful aspects of local life and the environment strive to conserve nature and promote sustainability and balance.

Magical Innovation
Comprising nine functional areas in total, Nuanu is situated on over 44 hectares of prime Balinese coastline in the traditional regency of Tabanan, conveniently located just 15 minutes from the central ex-pat hub of Canggu, and 10 minutes from Tanah Lot, (one of Bali’s most popular temples and cultural attractions), receiving thousands of annual visitors.

Boasting two confluence rivers and 184 metres of ocean bluffs, their own private beach sits at the base of gently rolling hills and expansive greenspace, providing the most stunning natural backdrop. Nuanu will be developed on only 25% of the land using regenerative and sustainable technologies to ensure that the relationship with land remains symbiotic. All layers are open to collaboration, investment and participation, making it a collective dream.

“The project is organised into four layers of operation, Core, Segments, Blocks, and Community, including a building in the shape of a spiral, a shape found in nature and sacred architecture”, says Larkin. “The Magic Garden area is dedicated to our relationship with nature, permaculture and regenerative agriculture, to encourage humanity to practice symbiosis with our planet.”

But that’s not all, there will be art exhibitions, events, public parks, food stalls restaurants, co-living and co-working spaces, accommodation for 2,000 people, farming collaborations, health and wellness, yoga, live bands, tech innovation, a labyrinth, and a dedicated Lab Maker space.

The Future is Bright
The largest zoning allocation however is Education. Spanning 12.24 hectares and comprising academic, trades, arts, pre-school university, and kindergarten with holistic education both online and offline, you could say that education is the project’s crown jewel and is at the forefront of every value followed at Nuanu.

“Education is our social experiment to find an answer to how we can create a brighter future for generations to come”, says Larkin. “Our core pillar is Education. We have a vast area of land set aside for this area and will develop new systems and models in the future.”

The idea is to create a new place of living in ways large and small. The team is busy making a territory where leaders, innovators, artists and instigators can come together to learn, and develop new technological systems and institutions that will resolve the problems that humanity faces; to co-create a new future. The community hope to develop environmental practices and new education models. And Bali offers many possibilities to find the way.

A New Way Of Living
In an environment of constant change, rapid technological advances, and social and demographic diversity, leaders can no longer rely on the city of the past.

Emerging game-changers appreciate that creating fundamental change is a process, a marathon, not a sprint, they must promote innovation and experimentation, accessible to anyone. Nuanu works towards positive social and economic evolutions by supporting creators, leaders, and makers at every stage of their journey.

“The main purpose is to create a territory in Bali that will inspire a new way of living and regenerate our environment”, explained Larkin. “We are creating community opportunities, advancing innovative teams and ideas, creating fertile environments, and providing resources. We are developing this dream with the people, not for the people“.

Sounds like the perfect way for innovative projects to be shared with the world through tourism, festivals, seminars, film and social media. Who knows, in the near future, there may be more Nuanu communities in other parts of the world.

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