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Balian is Bali’s first natural mineral water from Mount Agung.

The BALIAN journey
BALIAN is Bali’s first Natural Mineral Water from Mount Agung. It was created by two entrepreneurs who questioned why a paradisiac island like Bali with a high volcanic mountain range did not have its own Natural Mineral Water brand. It was the starting point of the Balian journey.

The goal was to create a brand that would carry the attribute of being Natural, Local and Sustainable and also propose healthy benefits to its adopters.

First, it needed to source water whose microbiological purity would qualify it to be certified as Natural Mineral Water. Following two years of collaboration and studies with a team of French hydrogeologists, a free-flowing spring of remarkable quality water was finally selected on the slopes of sacred Mount Agung.

Capturing the “Spirit of Bali” with its brand name ‘Balian’, the water was first launched in 2015 under a five-gallon returnable container format, targeting households looking for an alternative to other drinking waters. Then in 2018, following demand from Food Service players on the island, it launched Still and Sparkling waters under two premium glass bottle formats (330ml and 750ml).

The Legendary Mount Agung
Balian originates from Mount Agung, the island’s highest volcano (3,142 m), in the north east of Bali in the Karangasem regency. According to Balinese legend, Mount Agung was created from a fragment of Mount Meru, the spiritual axis of the universe.

Acting as a barrier to ocean winds, Mount Agung captures rain on its southern slope, creating a natural impluvium in which rainwater is collected. The water slowly filters over the years through protected layers of volcanic rocks and sands to naturally enrich itself with essential minerals to create Balian’s unique composition. Following its journey underground through former lava tubes, BALIAN naturally emerges as a free-flowing spring where it is collected and bottled without tapping the aquifer or harming the ecosystem.

One should always remember that being certified as Natural Mineral Water is the guarantee for consumers that it cannot be subjected to any treatment, unlike Mineral Water or other drinking waters. This is why Natural Mineral Water is recognized as the highest standard worldwide for bottled water, making it the first choice of water for connoisseurs.

Balian is bottled at spring with particular hygienic precautions using state-of-the-art stainless steel machines and without the use of any treatment in order to preserve its original and natural microbiological purity. Balian has obtained the Natural Mineral Water certification under Indonesian National Standard with reference to the international CODEX standard.

Balian has strived to be more than just a brand manufactured in Bali. Since its launching, Balian has remained committed to respecting the Balinese culture and protecting the environment. Balian works closely with the community in which its factory is located, hires local workers, rebuilds temples and promots environmental awareness to children through NGOs. Because education is the most powerful tool to change the world, Balian created the characters of Made, Ni Luh and their black and white dog Poleng to launch “Go Green”, a comic book providing stories and tips for children on how to protect the environment and “Keep Bali Clean and Green”.

In 2020, with Bali’s environment always in mind and eager to innovate, Balian launched bottle crates to make its 330ml and 750ml Still and Sparkling premium glass bottles returnable, creating a real circular packaging solution to help reduce their carbon footprint and the use of plastic waste on the island. A complete 360 degree sustainability solution specially tailored for the Island of the Gods.

In the near future one axis in the development of Balian will be to convince more consumers to reduce their carbon footprint by seeking an alternative to imported water brands from other continents. The world is changing and Balian is just on time.

Ambassador Ni Kadek Diah Rahayu
As Bali’s first pro surfer and brand ambassador of Balian, Diah has lived by the water all her life. She loves the ocean and the thrill she gets from surfing the waves.
She believes that her soul is already in the water.

“Of course it’s very fun and exciting to be the first female pro surfer from Bali, but more importantly it’s a challenge in which I can express my talent,” she says. “Although very physical, I always feel satisfied when I push through barriers. I want to surf the same waves as men. This way I can show the way to empower women.”

We asked her why Balian is her preferred water. “According to Balinese beliefs,” she said, “the holiest water comes from far upstream and has the power to cleanse the body and the soul. I don’t compromise with water. When I first tried Balian I could immediately feel its natural purity. Because it is natural water combined with natural minerals, it hydrates my body well. As a result I value and drink water more. It hydrates both my body and my soul.”

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