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adine and co

We are thrilled to introduce you all to ADINE&CO., our favorite slow-fashion brand on the island and most elsewhere too!

adine and co

You, as a Yakker, are directly invited (by Appointment only) to pop in to the very stylish Bespoke and Curated Slow Fashion Showroom for an exclusive, unique and chic underground fashion experience…

adine and co

ADINE&CO. is where you can shop directly, or customize one of the ADINE&CO. pieces, even bring one of your much-loved pieces for them to upcycle, tweak or upgrade to your own personal preference!

ADINE&CO. point of difference is that everything is customizable. So we at The Yak, invite you to come to see a “not off the rack” or “peg” fashion line of unique Designer bling and textured, texted designs.

adine and co

The whole experience is a massive nod to the excellence of slow fashion and design creativity; so take your time, stop by for a wine and book in to meet ADINE&CO.

Mon – Fri from 11am to 4pm

IG: @adineandco_studio

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