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Alfajores Bali

Alfajores – Handcrafted manna from Heaven, all the way from Argentina!


We love their asado, we love their tango and we love their football and footballers. Here comes another reason for us to love Argentina…Alfajores (say the ‘j’ as you would say Jose, with a throaty ‘huh’…)


Imagine a sweet sandwich-cookie featuring a layer of ‘Dulce de leche’ (condensed milk aka milk jam) in between and coated in a fabulous layer of dark chocolate…Mind-blowing on the taste buds with a divine ‘chewiness’. Popular in Argentina and Uruguay since the mid-19th century, they emanated from Spain, where the original variety is less inspired, using only a single cookie with no variety of fillings…


Alfajores Bali is also dabbling in the savoury, making traditional Argentinian Empanadas – a savoury patty filled with meat, veggies and potatoes all wrapped in pastry with unique Argentinian flavours.

Available for order online or via Tokopedia, we also saw these fabulous mini-turrets of goodness at Populair on Berawa – so check out other Pepito stores…Definitely ordering both for my birthday party.

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IG: @alfajor_bali