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All Solar World Indonesia

There are 800 million people without access to electricity and 3.7 billion without access to the internet. All Solar world Indonesia offers off-grid systems to provide an easy solution that changes lives.

All Solar World Indonesia is the pioneer in solar home systems and offers a lighting solution for homes in remote areas not connected to the power grid. The ASW Solar Home System provides a solar panel and technology tested and certified by VeraSol to Lighting Global Quality Standards (a Worldbank/IFC initiative).

Available in a two-bulb configuration, All Solar World Indonesia’s cutting-edge technology places them among the most efficiently-performing and most affordable in their category. All Solar World indonesia is integrating a Wi-Fi module in the SHS to create a unique solution. The integrated Wi-Fi module will open up the opportunity for people to connect to financial institutions in order to participate in a fair rent-to-own plan via a blockchain-based Digital Transaction Platform. Being connected to the Internet will also open up access to online business, education, healthcare, fair trade programs and many more opportunities.

As an innovator in the industry, All Solar World Indonesia is committed to overcoming the digital divide that rural areas often suffer from. The team is constantly working to solve energy and digital problems to create economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Our mission is to empower communities and small businesses in limited access and off-grid areas with affordable and sustainable access to electricity, internet and digital services.

Our vision is to be an innovator in the solar tech category, developing integrated solar energy and lighting solutions that also bridge the digital divide.

Our philosophy is to bring the economic, social, and environmentally sustainable benefits of integrated solar to communities across the globe.

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