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Your Stars Sept-Nov 2019 With Dallas Kalmar

Astrologer Dallas Kalmar hits the charts to provide some cosmic intel for September, October and November 2019.



It’s your life, it’s your call / stand up or enjoy your fall. Sept. 14’s full moon sounds the call for reform on how you spend your time and energy. Now hear this: vampires aren’t always taking what isn’t theirs. This lunar theme echoes again – twice – Oct. 13, and on Nov. 12, even louder. The latter moon in your house of money and self-worth is a harbinger of what needs cleaning on your side of the street, but also of rewards for a job well done. With Mercury muddling through your power-hungry house of shared initiatives and secret dealings until Nov. 19, however, there could be some meteor-sized misunderstandings that come to light, probably around mutual funds. Be firm but gentle.


Fresh she’s so fresh, exciting / she’s so exciting to me… In need of a muse or some marriage mojo? September kicks off with the passion planets canoodling in your fifth house, cranking up your ‘It-factor’ in love and all things creative! On Oct. 13, the full moon in your twelfth house of healing and closure sets the stage for your emotional release party. Rip the metaphorical plaster off, first by detaching with gratitude (‘thank you for this lesson, but I don’t need _____ anymore…’). Make more heart-space by doing some forgiveness work, and a fresh start in love will be yours for the taking by Oct. 27’s new moon in your partnership house.


When your heart and my heart attaches / you and me are gasoline and matches. Venus is working hard for you these next few months! First, she’ll breathe synergistic magic into your intimate life and creative work projects (Sept. 14-Nov. 1). Then, she’ll endeavor to mend and transform your closest partnerships, harmonizing any residual differences that have erupted since the July 16 lunar eclipse in your eighth house (think power struggles, joint finances, secrets revealed) and aligning your intentions for mutual benefit. Mercury is doing the cha-cha in your work/admin house for most of Nov., though, so smartphones and files could go AWOL. Back it up!


Real love / someone to set my heart free. (Bedside) table for two? With Velutinous Venus gracing your home sector until Oct. 8, you’ll be inclined to romance your abode, whether single or attached. If the former, you might consider whether your space is energetically compelling enough for ‘The One’ – or anyone – to accompany you and adjust accordingly! The Scorpio new moon in your house of love and creativity helps clear your meta-relational cache on Oct. 27. With Venus and Mercury also here, you’d be right to don your sexiest guise this Halloween – and take the lead!


Contact. Creative and communicative synergies abound beginning Sept. 14, with a convoy of planetary energy in your expressive third house. The new moon also here on Sept. 28 can help seed some of your loftiest initiatives, and when Chief Executor Mars arrives on the scene Oct. 4, you’re a pitching powerhouse! And then, breakthrough … interrupted? Oct. 31, mix-up master Mercury camps out in your emotional fourth house for 3 weeks, resulting in two-mouths-one-ear syndrome – wreaking havoc within your domestic/foundational sphere. Instead of fighting tirelessly to be heard, try and listen to the quiet voices from within. Honour your own inner bandwagon.


‘Cause we are living in a material world. Happy solar return, Virgo! That might be all the birthday brouhaha you have time for this year, as Mars stokes the fire in your belly for making some mammoth money moves in the last quarter. While big returns hang on the horizon, acting (ahem, buying!) on impulse or from perceived scarcity won’t serve you now. Quell the urge to merge or sign the dotted line until a week or two after your ruler, Mercury, goes direct on Nov. 20. In the meantime, hug it out when possible – it’ll release oxytocin, which = less stress + more clarity.


Raise up your mind / it’s time to shine. September acts like the cosmic corkscrew to your proverbial Châteauneuf-du-Pape! It’s your time to shine. Your sign gets a fist-bump from both Venus and Mercury on Sept. 14 and a new moon on Sept. 28, priming you with a persuasive edge and charisma in spades. When action-fueled Mars joins the party Oct. 4, you have the drive and courage to execute all those fabulous pitches (even if they happen to take place between the sheets)! Watch your finances in November so you can turn any snafus around by Jan. 3.


You’ve got bones in your closet. Is that the faint scent of singed phoenix feathers? With your cathartic twelfth house all fired-up, themes of retreat, recollection (sometimes painful), introspection and renewal dominate until Nov. 20, and with muddling Mercury here (moving into your sign from Halloween), going a bit isolato when possible could be your saving grace. As the Zodiac’s sex kitten, however, that might be way easier said than done – especially when Venus saunters into your sign Oct. 8 (sex appeal) and Mars in your house of clandestine temptations (eek!). Your cosmic clean-slate opportunity arrives on Oct. 27 with your only ‘personal’ new moon this year…


And the less I seek my source for some definitive / the closer I am to fine. Like the barista of the Zodiac (‘what can I get started for you?’), a new moon camps in your sun’s sign on Nov. 26, when she’ll be rolling out the red carpet for a better, perhaps more emotionally vulnerable (and lovable!) version of you. Recently noticed a propensity to be alone, turning inward in favour of socializing? You can thank Mars in your introspective twelfth house for that! Until Jan. 3, ensure you’re getting plenty of rest, making time for what nourishes your soul. That way, you’ll be perfectly primed to pounce on prosperity when lucky Jupiter enters your money house for a year from Dec. 3!


Wanna take back control… / Computer says no. On Oct. 31, Mercury stations retrograde in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology, making any collaborative effort feel more like punishment – especially if they involve electronics or financials. Rather than trying to extinguish an electrical fire with a water hose (literally), back off and try to let it unfold in its own divine (albeit irritating) order. The Nov. 26 new moon in your house of healing and closure rewards your ability to let go by aligning you with the perfect person(s), timing, resources and/or circumstances to move forward on a mission dear to you, sans any emo-cerebral impedimenta.


You’ve got to listen; I’m a songbird with a brand new track / you underestimate. The Sept. 14 full moon in your financial/work-a-day sector might have catalyzed an opportunity to change how you make money – and how much. Fitting, since your house of career and public image is en fuego for the next few months, especially in October. That full moon (Oct. 13) in your networking house gives your professional platform a boost, and the new moon on Oct. 27 acts like Ethereal Bootcamp – sending your conceptual cache of ‘creative clutter’ to the ether – in order to make room for the real gems.


Superstition ain’t the way. Friday the 13th falls in September this year, and it’s anything but un-lucky! Kicking off your cosmic coming-out party, your gift from the cosmos? Another full moon in your income sector on Oct.13, which spells possible bonus – maybe even a windfall for you! One caveat: with your ninth house of travel and legal issues occupied by Trickster Mercury until Nov. 19, you could be easily bamboozled into a travel deal or legal agreement you might soon regret (especially if it involves court or transportation!). Maintain a Socratic approach until the coast is clear: “A ll I know is I know nothing at all.”

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