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Sending love to Bali from the Core! How we will be walking for the cause…

Fundraising Expedition

The Bali Covid-19 Relief Expedition (BaliCore) team, mainly composed of Indonesian volunteers, has embarked on a collaboration with idGuides, a Jakarta-based community of trail-development specialists, to launch an innovative fundraising endeavour. In partnership with five prominent yayasans (NGOs) – Solemen, Scholars of Sustenance (SOS), Kopernik, BAWA and Social Impakt –   BaliCore and idGuides aim to raise funds for rural communities across Bali that have been impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the ongoing cessation of international travel. As part of reaching that goal, a small (and physically-distanced) group of BaliCore hikers, complying with strict COVID-19 safety protocols, will embark on an inaugural 10-day, coast-to-coast, walking expedition through the heart of Bali from April 2 – 11, 2021. Participating hikers will venture off the beaten-track by crossing through the heart of Bali, while sharing stories about the plight of the people throughout these regions, through a series of social media documentaries called People of Bali.

Fundraising Expedition

Fundraising Expedition

Through the expedition, BaliCore aims to raise substantial funds – for Bali and beyond. The funds will be utilized as follows:

(1)   To assist in the development of sustainable farming efforts and social initiatives.

(2)   To bolster the supply of food & essentials to outlying communities until international tourism resumes.

(3)   To increase the capacity of critical feeding and medical services for Bali’s unique stray dogs.

For example: USD$20 (IDR 300,000) provides clean drinking water to a family for 3 years, while USD$30 (IDR 500,000) feeds a family for 2 weeks or helps deliver food and medicine to dogs around the island!!

Fundraising Expedition

We would be hugely appreciative for any funding, or sharing of this article, to help BaliCore reach their goal, and don’t forget to follow their walk on IG & FB once they start.

Sending you love from the core of Bali.

Email: balicore2021@gmail.com

Instagram & Facebook: @balicore2021

GoFundMe campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/f/bali-ten-day-fundraiser