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Bali Dairy – Pioneers and Leaders in Bali’s Caseiculture…

Bali Diary

“You have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese.”
So said Anthony Bourdain, so we decided to go and check out if this quote could ever be true here in Bali.

In the hidden hills of Jimbaran we find an underground cellar, with interiors wrapped in wood, red and white checked table cloths and even a cuckoo clock. We have arrived at Kaskellar Bali, on the northern side of Uluwatu. We are as surprised as you! A cheese cellar in Bali?

Kaskeller is Bali Dairy’s Alpen-style restaurant. Private and cosy, it only fits 22 people, ideal for small parties, birthdays (I had my birthday lunch here back in March and it was stellar!!) or turophile gatherings – a turophile is the correct term for a connoisseur of cheese – we did not know that!!

Of course cheese is on the menu, as are some delightful cold cuts. But we are here for the caseiculture. This family-owned dairy company is 9 years old, and is known for its innovation, quality and passion – I think we just found that romance that Bourdain was mentioning.

Bali Diary

Twenty-five kinds of cheese, German, Swiss or French style, are amongst the other dairy products, which also include pasteurized milk, yoghurt, kefir, whey drinks, sour cream and other dairy and non-dairy products. The cheese shop, two doors down for the Kaskeller, is ideally placed to stock up the larder once you have tried the numerous cheeses while lunching in the Kaskeller.  Other shops are located in Berawa and soon to open in Sanur.

Bali Diary

So let’s look at the types of cheese that they make. Soft, semi-soft to hard cheeses. They even make their own raclette – their signature cheese innovation called Bali Spice. A spicy raclette inspired by Balinese spices, Alpen Flower cheese. This is a semi-soft cheese which includes essence of marigold, blue butterfly pea and amaranthus flowers.

The production and techniques used to craft these cheeses are based on German-style efficiency and precision. They also adhere to strict German production standards for hygiene and food safety and the staff is fully trained in safe food handling practices.

Bali Diary

Let me just list a few of the delightful, somewhat pungent, list of cheeses that they craft: Manchego, Feta, Bali Blue, Camembert, Balzola, Butter cheese, Cheddar, Cream cheese, Tvorok goat cream cheese – plain or garden herb; Fenugreek, Harzer, Ibores, Mozzarella, Romadur, Raclette, Shankleesh, Tilsiter and Brie. If you did not find what you were looking for they might just be able to make it. Always innovating, Bali Dairy definitely listens to the market. Their most recent innovation is their Vegan Line – Camembert, Parmesan are amongst those dairy-free cheeses that are being born in the immaculate, visitable factory

So book a tour, book a lunch or even gather a group and sign up for their cheese school! If romance is passion then the peeps at Bali Dairy have that in milk churns full!


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