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Andie Carroll [Ms. Andie Carroll Cert.ED/PGCE. M.A. Founder of Bali Dyslexia Foundation

Bali Dyslexia

The Dyslexia Foundation’s classroom located in Lovina.

Bali Dyslexia Foundation is a non-profit organization providing education learning programs for the most disadvantaged children in Indonesia with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia. Empowering young minds to become leaders in removing Barriers to achievement. This is the message that represents a newly developed None Government Organisation call Bali Dyslexia Foundation constituted and registered in Bali, Indonesia, 2019. The growing concern regarding the quality of education and widening disparities prompted myself, and the team behind Bali Dyslexia Foundation to look for the barriers towards learning that persist throughout mainstream education in Bali, Indonesia. Children from poor economics background whom have ‘some kind’ of learning difficulty continue to be marginalized and excluded from education systems and often unaccounted for and labelled as a ‘slow leaner’ and on some occasions an even harsher label as ‘retarded’.

The good news is that Bali Dyslexia Foundation, the only NGO charitable organisation in Bali for supporting dyslexic children are applying effective ways to build an inclusive society within the education system in Bali. This ensuring children with dyslexia can enjoy their rights, on an equal basis with their peers who have no symptoms of learning difficulties.

Skilling up teachers to support their dyslexic students.

The purpose of developing the BDF teacher training workshops is teach the fundamental principles of Inclusive learning and what is engrained in the human rights- based approach.

The program developed by Andie empowers teachers to acknowledge that they are the most important change agents for social inclusion and promotion of participation and learning for all children.

The training modules are based on the premise that much information, many tools and guidelines are already available and should be used with our continued guidance and support for dyslexic students. “When I was designing the models, they were created to be adaptable to different training setting, at different points in time of a teacher’s professional career.”

The contents and activities are flexible enough to adjust the modules to be used with teacher students, during the inception phase, for continuing professional development.

In addition to supporting teachers through training, Andie provides Assessment testing for dyslexia and intervention programs for children from the age of 7 to 16 yrs.

“I provide a safe creative workspace classroom based in the heart of Lovina for them to gain additional support throughout their learning journey.”

The NGO, Bali Dyslexia Foundation is set-up to raise awareness on dyslexia across Bali and all other provinces in Indonesia, we support as many dyslexic children as possible by encouraging them to stay in school, we provide scholarships for higher education and international tertiary programs.

BDF has now moved into our 2nd year and the Impact so far has been 253 teachers have been trained on Inclusive Learning and Dyslexia, conducive to this over 4,000 children have experienced ‘inclusive teaching practices..[probably for the first time..].

10 students are fully sponsored for additional learning and specialized tutoring, moreover, is the continuation of the ongoing research studies that will discover how illiteracy is impacting Bali and what the cost is to the government.

The NGO is proudly built on the research studies that I personally have conducted, working with 3rd parties educational institutions in Bali.

For the future of BDF, my aim is to continue its grow through government collaborations and local partnerships. Research findings will help the organization to keep updated with the latest technology, and to navigate the foundation in the right direction, pivot where necessary and apply our efforts effectively for the highest impact possible.

For more information and to get involved in our educational projects for dyslexic children or you wish to help with fund raising please contact us on W/A: +62 859106989368

Facts to know about Bali Dyslexia Foundation [BDF]:

  • Registered charity in Bali since June 2019
  • Based in Lovina Bali
  • Trained over 253 local Balinese Teachers [location Buleleng] on inclusive teaching practices and dyslexia
  • Support over 50 children in providing educational intervention programs for the most disadvantaged dyslexic children in Bali.
  • The only charity to set up student, parent support and teacher training support for free

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