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Bali Poleng Activities – Conserving and Rebuilding Traditions & Culture of Bali, January 1st and 2nd, 2022 Bali-Wide


To date, the Covid-19 Pandemic continues, without a clear end to the current situation; Covid-19 is a challenge faced by almost all countries in the world. Covid-19 has brought global changes to all aspects of life; specifically with regards to the local economy, Bali has most certainly felt the effects with greater impact, as compared to other provinces of Indonesia, given its reliance on mass tourism.

With this in mind, we as the people of Bali, strive to address and solve these ongoing challenges with a creative, alternative solution by raising the morale and wisdom of the people of Bali. Historically present through cultural and traditional initiatives, the Bali Poleng missive has presented its traditional Kecak dances at Samirenteng in Buleleng Regency, the Ngoncang dance in Karangasem, and the Omed-Omedan dance in Sesetan, Denpasar, amongst other epic cultural events that have occurred on the island of Bali in the past.


Bali Poleng’s mission is to activate the whole island of Bali on January 2, 2022, from 6am to 6pm, in line with Tilem Sasih Kepitu day, so that all of the inhabitants and residents of Bali would wear the famous Poleng cloth (checkered white, black and grey) in the form of a scarf and sarong. Furthermore, simultaneous beating of the bamboo instrument “Kul-Kul” would be orchestrated for all people to hit for 10 minutes together, at exactly 6pm on the scheduled day (Jan. 2nd).


The Poleng cloth is historically a symbol for solutions, truth, justice, honesty, and authority, whilst the Kul-Kul instrument is a symbol of unity and resistance.

Thus the Bali Poleng Initiative is an activity designed to provide alternative solutions with regards to the pandemic, by involving all people in Bali, both locals and foreigners, for the blessing of the Indonesian people, through collective prayer and dance, to stave off some of the fears related to the current situation. Furthermore its mission aims to highlight Bali’s spiritual energy, beliefs and traditions to the world.

1. Activity Goals
1. To bring back a sense of normalcy to all aspects of life on
2. To rejuvenate the Balinese economy
3. To increase the levels of tourism on the island
4. To bring back the prosperity of the people of Bali

2. Implementation
The implantation of this activity will be carried out for 1 (one) day on January 2, 2022, from 6am to 18.00pm throughout Bali, in places of worship, in respective homes, at work and other locations by wearing a Poleng cloth scarf and sarong, and by simultaneously beating the Kul-Kul instrument at 18.00pm for 10 minutes.

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony of Bali Poleng

Date                : Saturday, January 1, 2022

Time                : 17:00pm to finish

Place                : Pura Samuan Wantilan, Tiga Desa Bedulu, Gianyar Regency


  • Opening
  • Entertainment by a mass Kecak Dance performed by all the people attending
  • Introduction by Chairman of the Organizing Committee
  • Salutation / Official Address by the Represenatives of the Temples of Bali
  • Speech by the Chairman of MDA Province and opening of event with the “Cak” sound and beating of the Kul Kul instruments, with participation of all the invitees
  • Prayers by Clerics accompanied by Interfaith leaders of Bali province
  • Closing

A maximum of 50 guests will be invited, in line with current health protocols.

Nature of the Activities
Open to all attendees who are present at the Pura Semuan Tiga (temple), as January 1st coincides with the Hindu celebration of Shiva Ratri, and invites guests to participate in the mass Kecak activity which starts at 17.00pm in the outside Wantilan portion of the Pura Semuan Tiga (temple).

Activity Notes
The Organizing Committee will distribute Poleng scarfs and sarongs to all guests who are present on location at the time of the opening. However, the Organizing Committee will not be providing food and beverage, in line with the Hindu holy day of Siwa (Shiva) Latri.

3. Source of Funding
The source of funding for all the activities related to Bali Poleng’s events on January 1st and 2nd, 2022, are from voluntary donations that are not binding.

4.  Organizing Committee
The said activities will be undertaken by a committee by the name of COMMITTEE OF THE ACTIVITIES OF BALI POLENG, located at address Banjar Dinas Lingga Bumi F Number 42, Desa Dalung, Badung, Bali, handphone # and WA: +6287701336997

5. Summary
The Organizing Committee prays for the Bali Poleng activities to run smoothly, and be supported by the people of Bali, and that the implementation will benefit the communities of Bali, so that all walks of lie can face the future with strength and confidence.

The Committee Of Bali Poleng

WA: 0877 013 369 97

Br. Dinas Lingga Bumi F No. 42, Desa Dalung, Badung, Bali