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Bali Sports Foundation: Improving Lives


Yayasan Damai Olahraga Bali, also known as the Bali Sports Foundation, was created in 2009 to help improve the lives of people with disabilities in Bali and East Indonesia through the power of sports and play. The organisers believe that sports can help change young people’s lives by aiding in development, building confidence and healthy lifestyle practices, providing opportunities for social interaction and fostering peace.

Founder Rodney Holt is no stranger to the world of sports. He has represented three countries internationally in five different sports including the Olympics, and he was the first Bali rugby player to represent Indonesia. In addition, he has founded numerous sports events in Bali, including HOTAIR!, Bali’s only kite surfing competition, the Sanur Village Festival sports program, and the first Beach Rugby Tournament and Beach Cricket Tournament in Indonesia.

Rodney’s passion for sports led him to create the Bali Sports Foundation, and it was then that he realized how few sports and activities were available for people with disabilities. He started reaching out to NGOs working with disabled people and sending coaches and sports equipment to those who had few resources, support and finances. Over the years he has seen countless people who were previously housebound excel in their chosen sports and gain self esteem, social skills and the ability to integrate further into their communities.

The organisation currently offers 15 projects that encourage young people with disabilities to get out there and play including wheelchair racing, rugby and basketball, blind soccer and judo, deaf mute eskrima and special needs swimming to name just a few. Donations are always welcome and are used exclusively to provide sports equipment and support to disabled youth and promote youth sports in Indonesia. Volunteers are also welcome to apply for coaching and fundraising positions.