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Bali to Host the 74th Women Economic Forum from 6th to 8th of October 2022

women economic forum

The Women Economic Forum (WEF) hosts women conferences each year in many countries that include discussions, networks, and collaborations to promote female entrepreneurship and leadership around the world. The following event will take place in Bali to encourage women about growing their businesses while also growing themselves by embarking on a holistic journey that connects them to nature, spirituality, and wellbeing.

WEF Ubud Bali 2022 will be hosted at the University of PGRI Mahadewa Indonesia and Royal Pitamaha Ubud in Bali, Indonesia, from October 6 to October 8, and it will be organized by WIN Womenpreneurs Indonesia Networks and G100 Global Business Accelerator (a specific sector of the G100 Club).

” Women entrepreneurs, leaders, and experts are expected to participate and deliberate on key issues surrounding the main theme – ‘Adaptive, Resilience, and Thrive Together’ in order to inspire others” said Diah Yusuf (Indonesia), Director of WEF Indonesia and Chairwoman of WIN.

As an exchange platform that aims to help in gaining knowledge on how to manage a business and discover the potential, WEF Ubud Bali 2022 will be held to inspire women to be more adaptive, resilient and collaborative to solve and strengthen the economy based on sustainability. Every woman participating in the Forum will learn how to move forward and to thrive, which includes getting to know the ‘How to Commercialize Business Idea Aligned with SDG’ Masterclass.

Furthermore, it is more than just a standard conference, It is a holistic event organized for women and filled with feminine energy. The opening and Keynote speakers for the WEF Ubud Bali 2022 are:

  • Bintang Puspayoga – Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection
  • Diah Yusuf (Indonesia) – Director of WEF Indonesia, Chairwoman of WIN
  • Harbeen Arora Rai (India) – Founder of WEF, Founder of G100
  • Yessie D. Yosetya (Indonesia) – Chair of G20 Empower
  • Hardiani Uli Silalahi (Indonesia) – Chair of W20

This year, Indonesia now as Presidency of G20 with the motto Recover Together Recover Stronger, 74th Women Economic Forum topics connected and related to the G20 issues, and as a conference result we will handed over a memorandum through G20 Empower and W20 as our supporting partners. One of the G20 global priority issues is about digital transformation, restoring the post-pandemic global economic order to be stronger, inclusive and collaborative by leveraging digitalization is essential in overcoming various problems of mankind, digitalization is the key. Zalpha Code is learning coding platform designed for kids and founded and inspired by women entrepreneurs from South Africa and Indonesia will be launched in this event and will distributed and collaborate globally under G100 Business Accelerator sector.

Here are some of the topics for talk show sessions:

  • Women in SMEs as Drivers of Economic Growth
  • Building Future Skill for Women in Digital Era
  • ASEAN Women LeadersInsight
  • Women Leadership : An Influential Art
  • The Importance of Financial Leveraging for Sustainable Business
  • Women Entrepreneurs : Balancing Business and Wellness
  • ESG Mindset for Business Women : Importance and Implementation

As part of Indonesia Prima involvement, WEF Ubud Bali 2022 is inviting Indonesian Exporters to explore export possibilities to South Africa, Taiwan, Philippines, India and other prospective buying countries by conducting a Business Matching: a method of identifying and connecting companies with common business interests and mutually beneficial products, services, technologies, and business networks. Moreover, this event is inviting fashion and craft SMEs to participate in the Bazaar as well. These activities will help Indonesian entrepreneurs to expand and develop their business.

Dr. Harbeen Arora (India) as Founder of Women Economic Forum said ‘‘is honored to hold it’s Indonesia edition in Bali in this seminal year of the Indonesia Presidency of the G20. Deeply committed to gender equality through economic empowerment of women, WEF is a global platform for women leaders and entrepreneurs building our knowledge and networks in sisterhood and synergy, and connecting to ecosystems of support globally, regionally and locally. We are grateful to women leaders in Indonesia, WIN, G20 Empower and OGWE for their collaborative endeavours toward ensuring that women worldwide feel ever more connected, confident and empowered to pursue their dreams and goals, and through their leadership enabling peace, parity and prosperity for all.’’

The WEF Ubud Bali 2022, however, is not only about acquiring business knowledge, but also taking care of internal  development through participation in yoga Mindfulness Session: Yoga & Meditation with GuruMaa Savitri Devi Founder of Kundalini Yoga Bali and Stephanie Hermawan Founder of The Golden Space. Hoping that this particular program of the conference will be met with wide interest and will prove valuable for the participants in line with a holistic approach to everyday lives.

In addition to meeting the expectations, WEF Ubud Bali 2022 is going to be conducted in a hybrid format that offers an opportunity for anyone who is interested to join virtually as well.

For more information, access the event’s website, s.id/idwef or check out their Instagram: @win.idn