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Beachgold Receives B Corporation Boost


Beachgold, a women’s contemporary resort wear brand based in Bali, is proud to announce its certification as a B Corporation. This prestigious designation places Beachgold as Indonesia’s first apparel B Corp and the third across all industries in the country, joining multinational Danone and Percolate Galactic.

This achievement solidifies Beachgold’s mission to continue to deliver its cottage industry business model dating back 35 years when founders, twin sisters Jan Lovett and Judy Flax migrated to Bali from Australia. Now joined by their respective daughters, Emma-Lee and Lara, Beachgold is excited to continue to commit to ambitious targets and use business as a force for good.


“This is a significant achievement for us by becoming not only the first apparel but also first wholly female-run business to achieve B-Corp certification. We have always been conscious of impacts on local communities since our earliest days of working in Bali. Collaborating with artisanal producers, we strive to be responsible, achieve fairness and listen to the needs of our working collective,” said Co-Founder, Jan Lovett.

“Our impact driven line of handwoven accessories, Beachgold Home, interacts directly with communities at the village level linking those artisans with the global marketplace in keeping with best practices set out by the International Labor Organisation and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

Individually, B Corps meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public and legal accountability and corporate transparency. B Corps are recognised for their work in utilising local and global markets to solve the most pressing challenges faced in their respective industries.

Today, Indonesia ranks among the Top 10 textile and apparel producing countries in the world. Despite national environmental legislation tightening over recent years, it has been up to the power of local businesses to make ethical and conscious decisions to lessen individual impacts on society and the environment.

It is with this in mind that from it’s infancy Beachgold has committed throughout its supply chain to paying above the national industry requirements for a living wage, banning all child and forced labour and discrimination of all types, as well as ensuring collective bargaining and the development of a structured employment union.

Unlike other brands based out of Bali who leverage off more mechanised production facilities across Indonesia, Beachgold’s entire production supply chain is located within a 100 kilometre radius of its headquarters with all garments hand-dyed and hand-sewed.

Beachgold is entirely female run and operates as a secondary cooperative as direct employees have been supported in developing their own facilities and have access to interest-free financing for commercial expansion and personal expenses. This has enabled a shared growth model whereby employees receive direct benefit within the expansion of the company.


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