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Biasa – Two Classics for a Modern Look

In the past, you could determine the royal lineage of a person by the type of colors used in their batik sarong. Another accessory that has been donned by many a head of state is the Panama hat. Combine these two classics for a look that is both modern and stately.?Woman can wear a Panama hat with a Batik sarong to create a chic and sassy look, while the same combination on men will project a more creative and confident image. BIASA provides deconstructed pieces subject to personal interpretation, with authentic Panama hats and batik sarongs available in exclusive designs and colors.
Spring 2013 Collection Introducing the latest spring color: Ochre – the Greek word for โ€œyellowโ€œ, and a rich earthy hue that will awaken your inner god or goddess as you wear Biasa at work or at play, at night or during the day.
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biasa spring collection