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Biasa Launches 2019 Collection

BIASA continues its pursuit of elegant and chic Resort wear with lightness and innovation. Signature pieces are reinterpreted; enhanced with small, hand-made prints including dots, checks, stripes and zebra patterns. These motifs are created by hand, with dye-dipped wood blocks or hand-drawn batik.

Batik is introduced as an important feature of the collection to honour one of Indonesia’s most valuable traditional crafts. BIASA is proud to present a range of hand batiked linen for men, a first for the brand, which includes jackets and pant suits developed in geometrical bicolor motifs. Evening beauty is celebrated with flowing block-print dresses, hand appliqué details, deep necklines and lowcut backs, inspired by exciting Bali nights under the stars. This season introduces a new ‘total look’ concept, presenting matching prints worn for tops and bottoms for both men and women.

Kaftans are developed in cool tropical shapes for both men and women. Women’s kaftans are flowing, see-through, and seductive. The collection colour palette is vibrant and intense, with deep hues of amethyst, orchid, and avocado green. Monochrome black and white continues to be part of the collection, embellished with appliqué ribbons in positive and negative patterns. A strong feature of the palette includes classic BIASA favourite neutrals; indigo, mastic, camel, and caramel browns.

BIASA’s Holiday 2018/19 collection presents sophisticated and refined styles in line with the brand’s ethos of ‘Extraordinary Simplicity’ for those who seek it.