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Big Six: Mix It Up

We all have friends who want to mix it up. Sarah Douglas visits six vegan friendly cafes sure to keep everyone happy.

Watercress and Milk & Madu
They come in all shapes and sizes, ages too; from the yogis and the fashionistas to the yummy mummies and the grass-fed ordinary folks. Watercress and its sibling Milk & Madu have a slap up menu for vegans, vegetarians and the hungry mortal. Wash it down with a flavoured kombucha, an almond milk smoothie, a garden-inspired cocktail or a soothing glass of wine. Watercress is most famous for their legendary salad bar which keeps everyone in tip top shape but if you’re having a weak moment, or dining out with a carnivore, the burgers are every bit as delicious. Milk & Madu churns out a mean wood-fired pizza alongside their outposts of Nalu bowls and endless cups of Revolver coffee. Breakfasts are as saintly or sinful as you like and damn, they are all good. Best of all, there is no judgement here, eat as you like, the health-conscious will love it and so will your indulgent friends. The team who run the popular cafes love what they do and you can feel it in every bite, no matter what you order.
Tel. 0 85102808030                 www.watercressbali.com                Yak Map N.3     
Tel. 4081872                  www.milkandmadu.com          Yak Map N.1


La Baracca
An Italian pizzeria that puts vegans and the gluten intolerant on their main menu, it’s no surprise that they’ve opened a second with a third on the way. The only thing better than the pizzas is the warm welcome everyone receives and yes, the prices. Vegans go mad for the pizzas that come with vegan cheese and friendly toppings. There are also gluten-free pastas, lots of vegetarian friendly options and warm, friendly service, affordable imported wine by the glass and a welcoming atmosphere. They speak Italian here, they also speak health conscious comfort food, alongside the big, beautiful pizzas in every variation that pour forth from the wood-fired oven. Pastas, salads, appetisers, stylish pasta dishes and enough choice to please everyone, means you can bring the whole family, come with groups of friends or enjoy a quiet corner of La Baracca. That’s what it’s there for.
Tel. 738373 (petitenget); 4715283 (canggu)                  www.labaraccabali.com                  Yak Map N.1/N.3


The Elephant and Green Ginger
Green Ginger Noodle House opened in Berawa, Canggu and quietly won over the neighborhood. It’s home-style vegetarian Asian dishes hit the spot for those who linger on the exotic but also want a comfortable place to hang out with their lap top or catch up with a friend in a sunny corner of the pretty garden. You can feel the love here in every bite and the staff are like a family, busy in the kitchen making Asian-style salads, carefully watching their laksas, grinding the spices for their noodle dishes and slicing up portions of home-made cakes and slices. The Elephant in Ubud was the next step for the owner of Green Ginger. The spectacular location overlooking a valley is only one of the reasons to visit the Elephant. The vegetarian and vegan friendly menu here is full of home-made goodness and attention to detail, from the wholesome breakfasts, lunches and dinners to happy cocktail hours, a delicious smoothie menu, a great selection of teas, alongside wine and beer. It’s all about balance, and they have it in spades at both of these Instagram-worthy cafes.
Tel. 085100161907                  www.elephantbali.com/green-ginger                  Yak Map O.1


Wacko Burger
The fact that you’re a vegan doesn’t mean you don’t crave a good burger and Wacko serves it your way. Available in completely vegan options, including the rolls, the veggie burgers are every bit as delicious as the meat and chicken versions. The staff is well versed in the ingredients in every menu item and can help to negotiate the pitfalls that vegetarians, vegans and the gluten-free can encounter with hidden ingredients. There is enough variety for everyone and they are completely at home with special orders and creating something everyone can happily enjoy without worry or fuss. Wacko Burgers is becoming famous for their cheeky yet casual menus, the funky interiors and the choice, this is have-it-your-way a la carte heaven.
Tel. 082144010888                  www.wackoburger.com                  Yak Map R.11


Peloton is a place where vegans can take their meat-eating friends and introduce them to a naughty but nice way of enjoying vegan-friendly food. The vibe is sunny and casual and they defy the staunchness that can sometimes be felt in health food-driven cafes. From pancakes to smoothie bowls laden with fruit and home-made granola, to a delicious range of salads and hot al a carte dishes to a range of temptations that will drive the sweet tooth mad, Peloton matches a vegan friendly menu with a good dose of fun. Think home-made candy bars, vegan-friendly iced lollies and a whole array of deeply, delicious vegan cakes and slices. Introduce your friends to something that is never stuffy, never boring, filled with vibrant colours and flavours and you may well have a convert on your hands.
Tel. 085954131451                  www.pelotonsupershop.com                  Yak Map O.1


Much-loved, much-lauded, Locavore is the restaurant that foodies rave about. For the vegan who wants to dress it up, these guys have a way with vegetables that defies modern cooking. A full vegetarian degustation menu can easily be tailored for the vegan and you may never eat this well. Organic produce, much of it grown in their own garden, is transformed into jewel-like plates of flavour. A simple tomato becomes a broth you will write home about. Beets shine, stunning sourdough rolls, hot from the oven, are dressed with mango and coconut dipping sauce and course after creative course of stunning vegetable-based dishes roll out. Of course the menu also features local duck, lamb, home-made sausages and delicate dishes for the meat-friendly eater. The vegetables however always take centre stage at Locavore in ways you may never have imagined and will not soon forget.
Tel. 977733                  www.www.locavore.co.id