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The first, smooth ‘Cold-Brewed’ beer from BINTANG Beer – A smoother taste to help you chill, even in your wildest moments!


BINTANG Crystal is the latest innovation from PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk., part of The HEINEKEN Company, a leading and responsible beverage company that has proudly been a part of Indonesia’s history for 90 years.

Answering beer enthusiasts’ desire for more variety in the taste “library”, this smooth, cold-brewed beer is made for those who want an authentic but refreshing beer flavor, without excessive bitterness; one to be enjoyed throughout all their moods.


“The majority of the Indonesian beer categories are still dominated by beers with bold flavour characteristics. Therefore, we present Bintang Crystal with a smoother taste character, less bitter, and easier to drink, more importantly, still with the authentic taste of BINTANG,” said Multi Bintang Indonesia’s Marketing Director – Jessica Setiawan.


Through a cold brewing technique where the beer is brewed under cold temperatures, Multi Bintang Indonesia has innovated to create a smooth and refreshing taste profile. Easier to enjoy, without overwhelming the drinker’s palate, BINTANG Crystal has become a favourite taste choice that accompanies every moment of #WaktunyaCrystalChill, whether relaxing at home, watching films on the weekends, connecting through virtual hangouts with colleagues and mates after work, or even as an accompaniment to your favourite snacks.

Through the smooth and refreshing ‘flavour character’ of BINTANG Crystal, you can unlock more moments in life to enjoy with your loved ones.

Bintang Crystal is available in the Drink Corner – Official Store on your favorite e-commerce and partner stores in Indonesia.

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