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BOSHA The Game Queen


Hi Boshra, you look ravishing today! It’s a pleasure to have you with us at The Yak. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit us as you must be super busy!!
Thanks for having me here guys!

We are excited to know more about you. Is it Bosha or Boshra? Can you tell us a bit more about your background?
My name is Boshra but my followers call me Bosha. I like to spend most of my time streaming online video games on Facebook, sharing my many fashion styles and travel experiences on Instagram. I also enjoy uploading videos on my Youtube channel. I was born in Libya but started traveling around the world from a young age. It is one of my dearest passions. I am based in Bali although Jakarta was my first landing point in Indonesia and I still go back and forth between the two. I have been loving my Indonesian adventure ever since I got here around 4 years ago.


You are in the gaming community??? How on earth did that happen?
Honestly it was so sudden. I had been modelling in Jakarta for friends’ and enjoying doing photoshoots for my private collection. One of my friends asked me for help to be a model for a videogame AD, and the rest is history! I secretly always wanted to be a gamer and… I felt it could be tremendous fun to participate in the gaming influencer community, such an awesome time we had! After playing on many different platforms, I now stream online on Facebook. I love the enhanced gaming experience my followers get there.

Is it a common thing back home for a girl to be a gamer? What sort of feedback did you get?
…A girl live-streaming “Battle Royal Games”? Definitely unusual…That’s the least I can say! That is actually one of the reasons that inspired me even more to become a gamer, it sparked the fire to go after my passions. I think it’s important to open the way and lead by example. Someone should not be judged based on their gender therefore it makes me really proud to be pioneering in the middle eastern gaming community as a female. I am eager to share that feeling in my correspondences with local media and TV news broadcasts that have interviewed me so far.


So are you only focusing on gaming at the moment or do you have other passions?
When I started modelling I never thought it could lead me to gaming, both being some of my passions. I have an enormous sense of curiosity and I love exploring new ideas, I think that is what defines my character best. Especially while I am here in Indonesia, I mean there are so many hidden gems, cafés, hotels, adventures, diving experiences that I love to share with my followers and the feedback has been amazing! I have decided to continue sharing my travel stories and I am super happy that it has helped local businesses in such difficult times. My beloved husband worked many years in the tourism industry in Indonesia, so we helped a few hotels and restaurants to grow traffic in their social media accounts. I was so psyched to hear that their number of requests spiked up after my posts! While doing so, I was amazed that my own Instagram made it to over 500k followers and my YouTube channel to 225k subscribers, both in less than a year! I feel so blessed! I want to share this gift and continue with traveling vlogs after seeing all the engagement and motivational comments I get from the community. I definitely envision some wonderful trips ahead.

Tell us more about the people who follow you?
Because of the places that I lived in Indonesia these last four years, my Indonesian followers are mostly in Jakarta and Bali, also many are international followers that like to see wonderful travelling experiences, especially from Arabic-speaking countries. I am incredibly fond of the devotion from my followers. I know they are all waiting to travel and I am sure they will love to share the same experiences I had while travelling across Indonesia. We all love to explore different customs and sceneries of the region. One of the reasons my Instagram has such a big impact is because I like to explore all imaginable fashion styles. I love to dare changing styles and looks, the same way I love to share my trips and travels with my followers to encourage them to travel. This is what motivates me to continue doing what I am doing!

Tell us a bit more about your journey as a social media personality, it is quite impressive to gain more than half a million subscribers in less than a year!
Yes, and this is only the beginning! Since I started this path I am upgrading my craft every day and my followers appreciate the effort that I put into gaming and travelling videos. It is super satisfying to see it being validated. I am getting international recognition and my people back home have been very supportive on this journey. I always try to explore new fashion styles, new destinations – creating a synergy among local and international travellers. I have lots of respect and appreciation for the people who helped me grow: my husband, friends, relatives, public figures, gamers, youtubers and of course, my beloved followers! They helped me get to this level this fast and I will continue honouring them knowing that it means dedication to share the content they want to see, all the while following my passions and ambitions.

Thank you Bosha, it’s been a real pleasure. We are thankful for all you do to create more appeal and promote what this beautiful region has to offer! I am sure we will love to follow your experiences on Instagram: imb0sha – It is always a pleasure when meeting genuine and kind personalities like you. Thanks for being so open, for sharing the good vibes and that candid smile of yours. We wish you all the best for your next destinations, do you have anywhere in mind already?
Thanks again guys, I am sure we will meet soon along the way with even more exciting stories to share! I will go soon to Raja Ampat, I will send you guys photos. All the best.

IG: @imb0sha