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Bedroom Lounge

The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali is experiencing a transformational journey after 30 years of distinctive service. Enhancements are made to its 287 rooms, suites and villas, restaurants, and other facilities. On 2 May 2022, the resort will be ready to welcome guests for their next family holiday to the newly transformed property, which gracefully blends past, present, and future to create a destination that is timeless and authentic.

“These are exciting times and we look forward to showcasing the new look of The Laguna to our distinguished Explorers and experienced Collectors,” shared Lucia Liu, General Manager. The transformation concept of The Laguna celebrates the past and future of The Laguna’s experience. As guests enter the resort, their senses are evoked with anticipation for what lies ahead during their stay, a luxury and timeless experience.


Outdoor Terrace

The new resort lobby is a majestic space celebrating the past and future of The Laguna experience. Restoration, the discovery of Bali, and homage to local craftsmanship are represented in the key elements of the lobby design. Overall, the guest experience will be enhanced with a personalized sit- down check-in experience that will evoke a sense of relaxation, luxury and personalized service. The Balinese white stone carving above the check-in desk will be elegantly lit to form the centerpiece of The Laguna lobby experience. This masterpiece carving evokes the story of the legendary Goddess Danu, the Water Goddess and the wife of God Vishnu, who maintains peace and harmony over each element in the universe.



The new design of the rooms is inspired by the collective stories and traditions of Bali, as well as nautical elements influenced by the resort’s seven lagoons and the travel-based DNA of the Luxury Collection brand.

  • BALINESE – The main feature of the headboard is a panel of Balinese ‘sulaman’ embroidery seen in kebaya fabric, interpreted as an abstract floral motive of Bali’s neutral ‘Saput poleng’, the woven black-and-white checkered textile draped over statues and worn by people in ceremonies  throughout Bali, is evident from the color tone and materials in the room, such as the cushions.
  • NAUTICAL – The story of the lagoons and the nautical experiences around it are celebrated in the room design, evident in the bespoke selection of lamps and shiplap
  • TRAVEL – Design details, such as the leather detailing of a suitcase next to the bed, pay homage to travel and Additional upgrades include the renewal of the resort’s meetings and event space, along with the debut of the new restaurant and bar concept

Cascade Bar
A theatrical and mystical cocktail bar inspired by centuries of oceanic spice trade. The bar, surrounded by a lively green atmosphere, serves fresh spice-infused spirits and cocktails crafted with a large diversity of spices and herbs. During the day, Cascade Bar is the destination for fragrant spice infusions and light cocktails. At night, expert bartenders skillfully mix inventive and inspired cocktails, paired with Balinese snacks. Located at the heart of the resort, next to the lobby, this is an iconic part of the arrival experience, as well as a great place to relax for sundowners while watching a Balinese performance.

Banyubiru Restaurant
Inspired by Bali’s fishing villages, the design of Banyubiru showcases elements surrounding the villages themselves, with the blue and white theme representing the sea. The harmony of Balinese batik patterns, such as ‘kawung’ and ‘ceplok’, are an integrated feature of the buffet and communal area floor tiles, while bamboo and rattan are used as detailing for the furniture, lighting and decorative items. These materials are used widely in the villages for traditional fishing equipment and crafts. The designs of the show kitchen as well as the buffet counter are inspired by the unique traditional ‘warung’ stalls in the island’s villages, giving character to a unique and authentic Balinese ‘food’ culinary experience.

To be among the first to reserve at the newly transformed resort, or for more information, please email laguna.reservation@luxurycollection.com,
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