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Death By Chocolate

Sarah Douglas goes all out for chocolate.

INSPIRATIONAL, devotional and delicious, chocolate has the power to fuel passion like nothing else. It has been written about endlessly, starred in movies, generated fortunes and played in countless love stories. Cooks and chefs alike have been inspired by it, played with it, coaxed it into glorious creations, from the most avant-garde, to favourites that conjure childhood memories.


IT has been tried, tested and sometimes fabulously represented by Bali chefs, but Chandi’s former Yak Chef of the Year, Agung, put this on one of his very first menus and it remains sublime, luxurious and perfect every time. This is no mean feat, as this little bugger has a way of turning the tables on even the most accomplished chefs. As with everything on his menu, Agung only plays with the best ingredients, and the deeply delicious couverture chocolate he uses here speaks volumes about quality. Pierce this baby and the warm chocolate centre oozes, turning even the most calorie-conscious dieter into a spoon-wielding Bruce Lee.
Tel: 731060 www.chandibali.com


YET another make or break dessert, the chocolate soufflé has turned heads since long before Julia Child put on an apron. Bistrot, the divine bistro on Oberoi Road, serves up a light-as-air soufflé that is paired with the most divine, creamy hazelnut ice cream and fresh berries, that tingles, tantalizes and seduces. Perfect in every element, it is the crowning glory of a truly French meal, but also sinfully good as a total indulgence all on its own. Pair it with a sticky from the extensive menu of brandies, liqueurs and fortified wines and this is pure joy on the palette and on the plate.
Tel: 738308 www.bistrot-bali.com


APTLY named, the Gourmand Deli at St Regis is the playground of French patissiere, Vincent, who turns his hand to all manner of desserts for the uber-luxurious resort, and turns out a selection of hand-made chocolates that will turn the heads of the most refined guests. Chocolate spills over at this stylish deli, with fountains of Valhrona filling the air with rich aromas and dark deliciousness. Marshmallows and ripe strawberries are almost an also-ran here. The hand-made chocolates, stamped with the prestigious logo of St Regis make divine gifts, almost too good to share. Wrap them up in glorious gift boxes or just choose one to tame the wild beast when the call for chocolate is simply too much to resist.
Tel: 8478111 www.stregisbali.com


THEY probably shouldn’t go together yet somehow the deft skill of Oberoi’s master chef, Enrico, another former Yak Chef of the year, transforms this pairing into something that is incredible. Although much better known for it’s Indian and Balinese menus, Kura Kura restaurant at the Oberoi also offers degustation menus that almost defy description. This is a dish that often shows up and it is one of those dishes you will still be thinking about the following day, and possibly much longer. How did he do it? Don’t try this at home. Enrico and his team have a little lab where all manner of creations are tried and tested before they appear on the menu. Intricate in detail and subtle in texture, bitter chocolate and foie gras are intertwined in a perfect chequerboard pattern. This one is a savoury but he also tries the combination in a creamy truffle, a final flourish of wow!
Tel: 731361 www.oberoihotels.com


W’s Director of Cuisine, Richard Millar, making his third appearance in Bali is an enthusiastic supporter of local producers. At Fire, the atmospheric restaurant where W Resort turns up the heat every night, Richard has created an explosive dessert that pays homage to one of his favourite discoveries, the local chocolate producer POD. This is a dessert made to share and also has incredible theatrical appeal. A sphere of Pod chocolate is filled with a variety of homemade goodies floating in a sticky chocolate sauce. Hot chocolate is poured over the sphere at the table, revealing the rich, sticky interior. The impact of this taste sensation is not to be minimized, and comes with a warning . . . share this or indulge solo at your peril. Rich to the nth degree, it is a fitting tribute to a local manufacturer.
Tel: 4738105 www.wretreatbali.com


ZUCCHINI Café serves up fresh, home-made goodness and one of their best sellers since the doors opened are the deeply decadent, chewy brownies created by one of our own Yakkers. Brownies should be chewy, fudgy and redolent of the very best chocolate, real butter, and created with love. These ones hit the spot. Made with love and based on a coveted home recipe, they are the business. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy watch the chocolate chip cookies walk out the door, or opt for the flourless chocolate cake which is the perfect antidote to the giant bowls of guilt-free salad on offer every day.
Tel: 081246760747