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Choose Bresih Cleaning Liquids which are Safe and Natural for your Home and Business Needs.


These products were created to provide you with a safer way to clean your dishes, bathrooms, clothes especially your living, work, eating and learning areas.

The Island of the Gods offers too many toxic and chemical based cleaning products. Bresih are the only plant-based, safe and natural cleaning liquids made in Bali.


Bresih is harnessing the power of betel plants to keep your hands clean from bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. The betel leaf provides triple protection with its antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Soap Nut is a fruit that has been valued for its cleansing power since ancient times. It’s a natural surfactant that releases saponins for powerful cleaning. We use these natural saponins to help clean your dishes and clothes.


Our unique plant-based formulas are great in cleaning your lovely home, office, restaurant, school, or hotel. These liquids will provide a beautiful aroma as they contain real essential oils.

It is time to switch your cleaning liquids, leave behind the toxic, chemical-based products and welcome into your life a safer and more natural way to clean.

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