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Looking For Gifts? Out Of The Box #65

Bali clobber for those modern moments.

BITCOIN$$ IDR1,263,800; YOU ARE A VIP IDR1,313,500 ZIGGYSTAR DUST IDR1,313,500www.alliadesigns.com


PEGGY GOU LEGONG SHIRT IDR1,960,279; PEGGY GOU LEGONG HAT IDR630,089 shop.potatohead.co


Rolex Skulls idr18,000,000; Pencil Skulls idr8,000,000; Winged Skull idr520,000 www.skullbali.com


Dot 81MM Cuff in Silver and 18K Gold IDR68,160,000; Dot 44MM Cuff in Silver and 18K Gold IDR41,109,000 www.JohnHardy.com


‘ b e r s e g I ‘ pop. 18k white gold plated metal waste with handcrafted plastic bottle cap waste IDR450,000 www.facebook.com/kunangjewelry/


Silk Sarong Set In Bonsai Pink IDR3,521,600; Pashmina & Silk Throw In Banji Blue IDR4,941,600 www.kokoonsilks.com


Leather Backgammon Board “Deluxe“ idr4,724,499 www.patriciabos.com


Abstract Maxi Pearl Bangle. Night and the Sea Collection by Michela Boriotti Liddon www.liddonpearls.com


Green MRDXN Ye Ming Zhu Pendant idr5,253,858; Blue MRDXN Ye Ming Zhu Pendant idr6,531,858; Purple MRDXN Ye Ming Zhu Pendant idr9,087,858; Red/Gold MRDXN Ye Ming Zhu Pendant idr16,755,858; The Galaxy MRDXN Ye Ming Zhu Pendant idr29,535,858 www.ariedixon.com