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Classic Japanese treats to Beat the heat, take a cool break and enjoy HOSHINOYA Bali’s curated cuisine…


Designed to beat the heat, HOSHINOYA Bali invites you to step away from bustling modern life and discover a new array of crafted delights in their cool escape that is Ubud. Their authentic and refined cuisine is further elevated by vibrant views of blue skies and lush greenery, it is a sanctuary where the fusion of Balinese and Japanese traditions are truly revered, and where aesthetics are also deeply appreciated.


A distinctive dining escape, that includes two new signature offerings, each with a complexity that beautifully hides behind the simplicity of Japanese cuisine, have been specially created by HOSHINOYA Bali’s Executive Chef, Mitsuaki Senoo, and will be dearly loved by both families and young-at-heart travelers…


Introducing Kakigori to HOSHINOYA Bali
Kakigori, or shaved ice, is a beloved summer treat across Japan. Chef Senoo has taken kakigori to the next level with four beautifully chic presentations. A favorite for the “Noryo” season (July and August) in Japan, which means to create coolness, Kakigori has been the preferred ‘sweet’ summer pleasure for over the last 1,000 years in Japan.


Fusing Japanese delicacy with Balinese cheerful colors and tropical ingredients, the kakigori shaved-ice is entirely made from fresh coconut water. Rich in potassium, sodium, and magnesium, benefits include improved hydration and nutritional supplements for a hot day. The Kakigori is served in four different flavors, Shirokuma coconut, matcha, mango, and strawberry. The four colors are inspired by Bali’s holy flower offerings (Canang); white, green, yellow, and red.Kakigori-HOSHINOYA

Available daily from 11:00- 17:00
Venue: Café Gazebo, the Restaurant (lunch time)

The Delight of Ubud
The Delight of Ubud is a four-course set menu where ocean meets mountain flavours. Start off with bite-size-delights of the Summer Garden Amuse Bouche, consisting of prawn simmered with sake, tuna temari or sushi ball with sambal, and yawatamaki or simmered burdock and carrot rolled with beef, Chawanmushi, chayote and squash simmered with dashi, seasonal vegetables and otsukuri or sashimi. The main course is beef sukiyaki with warishita sweet dashi sauce with rice and miso soup. End the journey with a chilled sweet, matcha warabi mochi served with palm sugar syrup and aromatic kinako or roasted soybean flour, a cooling summer delicacy due to its beautiful translucent presentation.

Available daily for dinner 18:00 – 20:00. Priced at IDR 1,200,000 ++ for 2 persons. For more information, please visit https://hoshinoya.com/bali/en/

IG: @hoshinoyabali.