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Collaboration Series at Ikra Bali In Support of Crisis Kitchen Bali


Bali restauranteurs join forces to help support food relief, Security and empowerment programs in bali

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the buzzing tourist destination of Bali, Indonesia felt the impact overnight. With International borders closed, majority of the Island’s Tourism and associated supply chain businesses no longer had the support of their major customer base.

Amongst the most vulnerable was the Restaurant sector, who needed to pivot and adapt to the everchanging and uncertain environment that their businesses existed within, all with one common goal – to stay open.

Staying open meant that business owners were able to keep staff and suppliers employed, even if that meant reduced hours and income, all with the hope to keep food on the tables for their families and in most cases, extended families.

Not only were long standing businesses affected, but businesses that were on the brink of opening, like Ikra Bali in Canggu’s neighbouring area, Umalas, needed to rethink their strategy in order to ensure that they were able to exist without reliance on the tourism trade when their doors opened.

As weeks turned into months and people started to be furloughed or stood down from their jobs, charity organisations around Bali were finding it difficult to keep up with the demand of families that struggled to afford food. In April 2020, a message between friends to help provide cooked meals, saw a different type of pivot for a group of people who, from all walks of life, found common ground in wanting to help others and give back to Bali. Crisis Kitchen Bali was founded simply from the desire to help others in need.

What started as a humble initiative from a small café in Umalas to cook a few meals, grew very quickly from the realisation that people required more sustainable amounts of food, opportunities to help themselves and to feel empowered with purpose and knowledge.

Kylie Parmley, Co-founder of Crisis Kitchen Bali has seen first-hand the many different side effects that the pandemic had created. ‘We knew that the only way forward was to work united with others to help people in more impactful ways – that everything we do needs tp be considered and to help more than one person. As different challenges surface, we actively seek collaborations with other like-minded organisations and Bali-based businesses. Business is at the core of the recovery of Bali with the ultimate goal to keep and create jobs that empower people and keep our economy turning over’



When Fernando Trump – Founder and Culinary Director opened the doors to Ikra Bali on Jalan Bumbak in Umalas on 17th May 2021, he did so with the desire to create a concept that would be unique and create a niche in a dining market with his Modern Slavic Cuisine. At the heart of the restaurant are sustainable practices with nothing going to waste – food is cured and preserved and side products are created to enhance the operations and create different revenue streams.

Also at the heart of their operation is the desire to not only create jobs but to also give back to the Community in Bali.

‘Firstly, we wanted to help the community in a meaningful way. When we first met with Crisis Kitchen Bali, we learnt that although funds were needed to assist vulnerable people with food, support was also important to help keep people positive during these uncertain times. By doing what we do, we could create an opportunity that would showcase the positive side of our very own industry and keep everyone moving forward to recover from this pandemic.

Bali Restauranteurs are a tight-knit community, especially during this time and Fernando, reached out to the many friends in the Industry to join forces to help but also to celebrate Bali and it’s incredible Restaurant Industry.

From a few simple meetings and a simple desire to keep going, The Collaboration Series at Ikra was conceived. Held over varying Sunday lunchtimes and Thursday night dinners each day will see a different Chef and Restaurant showcase their own unique style, flavours and diversity from the centralised location and garden setting of Ikra Bali.

Proceeds from the events will support Crisis Kitchen Bali and the their various Food Relief and Security programs, including their recent project – Kebun Kita

– a garden where food is grown to Empower, Connect, Reset, Adapt, Grow andHelp.

This holistic approach to aid giving will also see people involved in Crisis Kitchen Bali’s empowerment program stand side by side with Bali’s best chefs and integrate food harvested from Kebun Kita into their Menu creations.




Sunday 22nd August 2021 – Kim Jonsson of Kong Thursday 26th August 2021 – Jethro Vincent

Thursday 2nd September 2021 – Kieran Morland of Sangsaka Sunday 5th September 2021 – Chris Salans of Mozaic Thursday 9th September 2021 – Jeremy Hunt of KuDeTa Sunday 12 September 2021 – Benjamin Cross of Mason Thursday 16th September 2021 – Wirya Purnama of Milano Sunday 19th September 2021 – Damiano Ruggerio of Samesa

Sunday 26th September 2021 – Will Goldfarb of Room 4 Dessert

Thursday 30th September 2021 – Ray Adriansyah of Locavore


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