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Come together and celebrate 28 great years with Waterbom this December!


This month, Waterbom Bali proudly celebrates it’s 28th Anniversary. After a challenging period during the pandemic, the team have chosen their Anniversary theme this year of ‘Strength, Pride & Love’ to help keep them motivated and passionate about their work, while being grateful for the ongoing support of the waterpark’s guests, vendors and partners.

As with most Tourism-based businesses in Bali, the pandemic has had a devastating impact on staff, their families, and business operations. Based on the commitment, trust and loyalty of all the staff and management, Waterbom has managed to remain strong and continue operating with pride and love.

“At Waterbom, our top priority continues to be the well-being and growth of our employees. While many have been working remotely due to the pandemic, we have increased onsite safety and prevention protocols at our park. We’ve also expanded employee benefits by offering a variety of personal development initiatives, team building and fun training to boost morale.” said Sayan Gulino, CEO Waterbom Bali.


So to celebrate the end of the year, and the milestone of 28 great years, Waterbom Bali has come together to give back! Continuing their annual social responsibility and sustainability efforts, they recently supported local farmers by donating and planting 300 Durian and Duku seeds, in the North of Bali, in Pohsanten, Negara, with these plants helping to maintain soil fertility.

As well as planting trees, the staff of almost 300 people held a blood donation drive at the park and encouraged all staff to take part and give something back to the community. Behind the scenes, the Anniversary month has been filled with team building days, sports activities like beach ‘Tug-of-war’ and even a (very competitive) cooking contest. Just the company’s way to bring the staff together and celebrate the good times.

And to help park visitors join the celebrations, Waterbom have extended their opening days over Christmas and New Year to include weekdays and give their guests more time to come together and share fun moments with family and friends at the park.

So start planning your day out with family and friends at Waterbom over the Christmas & New Year break!


Waterbom will be open daily from Friday 24 December to Sunday 9 Jan 2022, from 10am – 5pm. (Outside of these dates they are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday in December and January).

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