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Photographer Oscar Munar points his lens at the world’s best Djs in an upcoming book of candid portraits. He spoke to The Yak about how he got there.

Carl Cox.

Oscar, always great to see a new face on the scene and especially someone with a camera and a great eye! You’re from Spain, correct? But we hear you somehow also managed to spend some time in Scotland. What were those early days like, working for The Scotsman in Edinburgh?

Those were certainly different days. I was a newspaper photographer working on all kinds of stories in the community. It was very heartfelt and real in Scotland at that time. Now I can see how it has affected my later fashion work – it has allowed me to view fashion from a more authentic point of view.

Bob Sinclare.

It must have been a shock after a childhood in Spain?

Not really. Thankfully I have always been a world citizen. I can’t stop travelling and learning from different cultures.

Guy Gerber.

And now you’re a doyen of the magazine scene in Ibiza, no? Tell us about how you arrived there and what you found.

A twist of fate saw me move to Ibiza, where it was a jungle of opportunity and competition. I started with fashion, portraits, dj’s … and I started to collaborate with many magazines like Pacha, Space and others from around the world.

Daniel Pearce.

How has Ibiza changed since you arrived there?

It has lost part of its authenticity, it’s overcrowded now with the masses. Competition for business is fierce; there’s always lots of things happening at the same time and you have to be very aware. It’s like a battlefield in terms of job opportunities. Thanks to my years of experience, in the last year I had the opportunity to sell my photography as art to many private clients and villas in Ibiza. At least I still maintain this network and still receive orders from them, as the name of Ibiza is a global brand.

Left: Frankie Knucles. Right: Sneak.

What were your first impressions of the island and the people who live here?

There is a really good energy here, as there was in Ibiza 20 years ago. As a landscape lover, I felt the same authenticity and personality here as I did many years ago in Spain. I feel comfortable again and I am seeing this light in my new photography.

Nina Kraviz.

Bali and Ibiza share something of a nightlife scene – let’s talk about your dj project. You seem have got most of the big names in the world today. How did you get access?

Too many years working in the Ibiza night scene, you get to know everyone if you move with the right people. In the end, Ibiza is a small town.

David Morales.

Were there any similarities or similar traits among them? Do all djs enjoy getting smashed, for instance?

Haha, no, not really. What you see from the outside has nothing to do with the reality, Of course, I guess some dj’s might like to do that on their own, but working at night doesn’t necessarily drive them into it.

Who was the most entertaining to shoot?

Steve Aoki, was very funny, Carl Cox has always been a pleasure to shoot, just to mention two of them.

Steve Aoki.

Who have you not yet managed to shoot yet?



We’re assuming you’re heading towards making a book with all this, correct?

Yes, it has been a long-term project for three years, as it is not easy to coordinate with all the big Dj’s.

Ok. Let’s talk about your other work. In fact we think you are principally known for your fashion work …what do you do differently that the others do not?

I like to think I can look inside any human’s soul and capture the essence of their beauty. And this, in fashion takes the superficiality out of this world, and makes it look natural, highlighting the beauty and femininity of women.

Demian Laz.

What’s the weirdest shoot you’ve ever accomplished?

A shoot I did entitled The Seven Deadly Sins. I’ll leave it there.


What is there left for you to do?

Too many things…but, if I have to mention one ..there’s a place in the Arizona desert called the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group full of war planes. I would love to get my lens on that.

Oscar we wish you the best in life and hope to see you on the beach in Bali soon.

Muchas gracias.