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Cretya Sunset

cretya sunset

Cretya Sunset Ubud cascades down one of the sides of the Payangan valley, much like the surrounding rice fields. Three tiers of pools all offering floating breakfasts boast  iconic instagram backdrops. 

Opening from early sunrise breakfast, Cretya’s views are the embodiment of what each traveller imagines Bali to be – Palm trees, rice fields, views of volcanoes, all under an impressive Balinese sky.

Head to Cretya Sunset for just that, Bali’s famous sunsets – not the coastal kind of course, but ones with returning herons ‘honing’ home. A live DJ ignites the sky with some afro sounds and the fields come alive with the colours of reflections… Cocktails in hand and dinner on order. Try the Tinornagsak Fried Rice or the mix Belgian seafood amongst many other items ion the menu.

cretya sunset

Day activities and night activities, Cretya offers you the best entertainment under the sun.

Cretya Sunset is open daily from 8 am to 9 pm.

NB: Children are not allowed in the swimming pool area.

For more information and reservations: WA +62 813 3793 1045

IG: @cretyasunset
FB: Cretya Sunset