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The Yak caught up with Dutch DJ and music producer Dannic after his recent Sky Garden gig. So cute!

Greetings Dannic – is this your first time in Bali?

It is not! I played at Bali Wonderland for a big festival event and also at Velvet Rooftoop bar which was right on the beach. Bali is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited, it is a paradise and I can’t wait to bring the groove back!

You were born in the same town as Tiesto – did that influence your choice of career in any way?

It didn’t influence my career directly because my “plan” was never to become a DJ/Producer, although it was always a huge interest and hobby in my life. Seeing a superstar like Tiesto so close to home was of course an inspiration.

Give us some highlights of your music career, Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas?

EDC is always great fun, but there have been so many! Playing ULTRA Miami, on the mainstage of Tomorrowland, launching my own label Fonk and hosting many sell-out label events that we’ve taken to some of the biggest events such as ADE. The only way is up!

Your label Fonk, tell us more.

Fonk was my platform I launched to help producers that were up and coming in the industry but that were finding it hard to break through. I wanted to use my position in the industry to give back and help those artists out – we’ve grown to a strong collective now with a whole lot of genres including groovier house sounds and the more bombastic big-room stuff. I’m excited for us to grow and grow and for the fans to hear what is next.

Tell us about some non-musical turning points in your life.

I think  although it’s still related to my career  leaving my old job in marketing to pursue what I do. That was such a big leap and turning point in my life and like I said earlier, DJ’ing and producing was never the “plan” but I’ve worked hard to get to where I am and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m still a normal guy at heart and my priorities are still spending time with my loved ones when I am home, being able to actually explore the places I’m lucky enough to travel to and see my fans.

I gather you had a residency in Japan. What did you take away from the Land of the Rising Sun?

Yes, my Tokyo residency there. I love Japan, it is so modern light-years ahead! The people are so warm and friendly, and the food! Amazing!

Somewhere you have yet to play, and any festival still on your bucket list?

Coachella, for both!

You’re track STAY feat. INNA, Romania’s best export (an artist with more than 2 billion YouTube views). Tell us more.

I was a fan of INNA and her voice and when I was playing a Romanian festival I was asked if I knew any local artists, I said, “Of Course, INNA!”. Not long after, I’m guessing her management saw this and we connected … and got to work on a track together. I was really pleased with the results of ‘Stay’, I think she really elevated the track with her vocals to have this unique, summer vibe.

Fashion, how important is it?

I don’t try too hard, it’s important to be comfortable but also stylish on the road – but sometimes on planes, only comfort will do!

Tell us more about your collaboration with luxury Dutch brand Van Gils.

Ah! It was great working with a prestigious Dutch brand like those guys. They make the most amazing, smart suits and I designed my own range of “sneaker suits” with them, so cool cuts, neat and comfortable fabrics but still super sleek!

What do you wear on your feet?

Sneakers, a lot!

Lastly, your life quote is: 

Live life to the full.

Thanks Dannic for your time, enjoy Bali.

Check out one, or all, of Daanic’s tracks on SoundCloud: