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Debby Fauziyanto of Debz Collection

The Yak goes one on one with…

…ideator and creator, Debby Fauziyanto of Debz Collection, to chat about heritage, traditions and how to pass passion down to the next generation.

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Good morning Debby, can you give us a brief back ground about yourself for those Yakkers who do not yet know your brand.
I lived in several countries since a young age. First, I went to the USA to study fashion, merchandising and management in San Francisco. Then moved to Australia a few years later. During my stay in both those countries, I used to make souvenirs using batik cloth and other creations. From these my love and pride of being Indonesian grew stronger, because batik always garnered so much admiration in those foreign countries.

What motivated you to create this brand? What is your vision?
I want to participate in strengthening the existence of batik as part of Indonesia’s cultural wealth on the international stage. I want to create batik as the ‘Identity of our Nation – Indonesia’.

debz collection

Your background is in fashion, merchandising and marketing in the USA – when and why did you decide to swap countries?
Before I decided to live in Indonesia for good, I was living in Perth, Australia for eight years. I really wanted to go return to Indonesia because my calling is to grow our Indonesian heritage, and it must start from the source, Indonesia.

Batik, is this your passion?
Yes it is. My desire to introduce batik to the world is enormous. Batik is a cultural art form.

Tell us how the nation’s youth are helping to preserve and maintain the nations identity?
By wearing batik, not just on each Friday. Make batik your daily wear. You can wear batik to the office, formal or informal occasions, to parties and you can even wear batik to the beach. Wear batik everywhere!

debz collection

The rise of batik as a fashion item is due to what in your opinion? Previously, it was only for stiff and formal wear.
I already answered that in your previous question. Wear batik everywhere. Wear Debz 🙂

Your new outlet in Made’s Warung in Seminyak is part gallery, part shop. Tell us a bit more about the antique pieces you have on display.
At first we just placed the antiques for display, and surprisingly many customers were interested in buying them. We have Congklaks, a traditional playing board and Loro Blonyo wooden statues.

debz collection

Hand-drawn and stamped batiks, in what way is your brand, Debz Collection, assisting in a) maintaining tradition and b) supporting women.

A. Maintaining tradition
I insist in using hand-drawn or stamp batiks, because if batik is just factory printed, it will lose its meaning and the soul. I want to make it as original as it was in the past.

B. Supporting women.
– My workers are 90% women. I am really concerned about women’s welfare, especially in Indonesia.
– I want to educate and develop their talents. Build women’s confidence and grow together for success.

What other women’s projects are you supporting?

  • We collaborate with Tangerang Correctional Institution. Where the ladies have their own brand name called Laduta. They produce bags, hats and other crafted items, which they make it from inside the prison.
  • And I’m also supporting a small business in Bogor by becoming a foster mother to them.

debz collection

Tell us a bit ore about your collections. Who do you design for?
We create many collections in a year, from casual wear, semi-formal, resort wear. But our focus is on batik resort wear. I designed for active women aged between 35-55.

Are you designing some of the actual motifs, or are you drawing these designs from history and tradition?
Previously I ‘drew’ these designs from history, but this year I started to draw my own batik motifs so that the customers can identify our trademark batik.

debz collection

Is most of your batik from the cultural cities of Yogya or Solo, or do you source from further afield?
Yes, mostly our batik is from Yogya, Solo also Cirebon and Kalimantan.

Lastly, what are you plans for the future of Debz Collection? Do you plan on expanding to other stores in Bali, or more areas of Indonesia?

  • Of course! We will open our new store in Nusa Dua really quite, opening around July 2023. Don’t miss our upcoming store launch…
  • By 2024 we will expand to Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Excited!

Thank you for your time Debby, I just must buy a dress first before I order a Soto Madura!!

IG: @debzofficial_