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Dian Trisnadewi – Marcomm World


Originally this QnA was planned for all those fabulous Marcomm people that kept Bali’s hospitality brands ticking across all mediums… However, since C19 came along a few of these talented professionals have had to find other employment …

The Yak tracks them down and asks “Where are you now?” 

Name, age (if you want to tell us) and where were you born?

My name is a Dian Trisnadewi, 31 years young, I was born and raised in Bali.

When did you come to Bali?

Well, it was 31 years ago.

Do you have family here? (We include your furry friends into this question).

Yes, I do, most of my family are in Bali.

What brands have you worked for over the years?

Well, I was working in an international bank for 2 years before I began my career in hospitality, in 2015, in Swiss Belhotel Tuban.

Then in 2018, I joined a start-up management company, Adiwana Hotels & Resorts, it’s been a pleasure to be part of this company. I’ve been enjoying all the beautiful moments since the start, until we achieved to manage no less than 28 hotels in 3 years!

Now, I continue my journey with the “core team” of Dijiwa Sanctuaries, a brand new, sophisticated hospitality-management company. Launched on April 1st, 2021, it currently has eight hotel ‘collections’, including a luxury yacht under our wings with more to come.

Nineteenth of March 2020. When you first heard of the Bali “stay at home” / #dirumahaja regulation what went through your head?

Indeed, that was a devastating moment for me, and I do believe for everyone too, especially for those who work in the hospitality industry. All the feelings of uncertainty and questions about the future suddenly popped up. It felt like an escape plan was unavailable, and I can say that most of us were not prepared for this, especially within the hospitality industry. It was a surprise, and it was not a pleasant one!

However, as hoteliers, we must face challenges. We must find every possible and reliable ‘source’ and getting the most out of it.

And, luckily, I feel embraced and happy by having endless support from the great team that is Dijiwa Sanctuaries.

The blessings were having a fully dynamic and energetic team surround me, and I could inhale their positive vibes throughout the day. I couldn’t ask for more as, I also maintained a super tight and strong emotional bond with a lot of individuals and key persons of the partners and their teams.

What was your company’s reaction to this regulation?

We were given a working guiding principle to ‘always be in a positive mood, adaptable, act effectively, and efficient.’

How much longer did you work for the company?

It’s been 3 months, and still counting…

What backup measures did you start putting in place when the writing was on the wall? (Covid 19 regulations were extended).

Pretty much the same as others. We do have all the plans, sequences, and core instruments to support us at this moment, but it needs perfect timing to execute them all.

I am wholly engaging with and aware of what’s going on right now and I always treat this situation seriously, like tomorrow is going to be the worst. This thought will keep me in “creative, smart, and wise” mode.

What was your mental state and how did you move forward into a more positive attitude?

Well, I believe nothing lasts forever, not even your own problems, so, the best is yet to come.

Finally, what are you doing now?

Apart from my professional duties, I also have a  personal responsibility to take care of my health. Daily workout at my gym and eating clean food are also two of my priorities. The rest is always improvised.

Definitely let us know if we can support you and we very much hope to catch up all together at some point soon. Until then, we salute your perseverance and strength!

And readers do please go and support these fabulous people in their positions and companies!