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Dining in Ubud

So to dinner we have come, and to the hills we have travelled. The Yak wanted to share with you where to eat in Ubud, so it has pinpointed 16 restaurants in Ubud that we think you will fall in love with. The food, the ambiance, and of course, the views…!

Read on and enjoy the trip around the hills.

Akar Restaurant – K Club

akar ubud

‘Sophistication’ Initials each Experience at Ubud’s Akar Restaurant & Bar K Club Ubud

Akar Restaurant & Bar Ubud, serves festive and sophisticated dishes using organic ingredients cooked using their signature, wood-fired BBQ method creating mouthwatering charcoal specialties. Akar’s executive chef leads a talented kitchen brigade, creating international and local menu options, all the while prioritizing the purchase of organic produce from local farmers and suppliers. Guests can enjoy breathtaking views overlooking the tropical jungle while they are seated beneath the 10-metre high, bamboo vaulted ceiling. The cocktail menu is extensive, and while they support the local alcoholic breweries very recommended for the adventurous traveler, they also offer a comprehensive range of international options for the more discerning and cautious drinker.

The executive-chef has created each menu with a mantra of simplicity, using wholesome local fresh ingredients, so that the natural flavors of each basic ingredient shines through. The menu is essentially of a western influence, with strong focus on the use of fresh, locally grown organic vegetables, high quality imported steaks and meats, daily caught seafood, with three specially developed Akar salts for seasoning.

Seating options overlook the tropical jungle, or for more intimacy, can also be out of the public eye; small group tables or long tables suitable for larger group gathering are both housed beneath a canopy of bamboo, all can be candle lit and can ideate lots of romance. Seating arrangements can also be tailored to suit your needs and guest numbers. The second level floor is ideal for private gatherings and parties, with its very own private bar.

akar ubud

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Bookings and reservations: https://booking.resdiary.com/widget/Standard/akarbali/848

Apéritif Restaurant


Apéritif Restaurant Bali, the Island’s Superlative Fine Dining Restaurant Overlooking the Verdant Valley of Kings in Ubud

Set amid Ubud’s lush mountain valley setting, Apéritif offers an alternative and unique fine-dining experience in Bali. Housed in an elegant, spacious standalone building overlooking the verdant jungle landscape, the 1920s inspired restaurant offers sophisticated seasonal degustation menus that are representative of the culinary team – led by Executive Chef Nic Vanderbeeken – and their respect for the finest ingredients.

The menu explores the world by way of the Indonesian archipelago, an eclectic journey of global gastronomy with the added influences of the old Spice Islands. It couples high-grade produce sourced globally, locally and from the Apéritif greenhouse, with the finesse of Modern European culinary techniques. This luxurious tropical haven is also home to Apéritif Bar, where guests are encouraged to enjoy some excellently crafted, pre and post-dinner cocktails, in an atmosphere that is reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties.


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Cantina Rooftop

cantina rooftop

An all day cocktail bar and eatery, Cantina Rooftop brings a modern bistro menu curated by Chefs Cristian Encina and Jorge Valderrama, with classic artisanal aperitivos to accompany any time of the day.

Settle in for an afternoon or evening at Cantina Rooftop perched above the Campuhan Ridge overlooking the majestic Pura Gunung Lebah temple. Lounge on the rooftop terrace ensconced by jungle and balmy tropical breezes.

Follow the red arrow and discover Cantina Rooftop’s hidden den of music, cocktails and tapas. Once home to Ubud’s original bar in the 70s, the Beggars Bush, which drew artists, bohemian expats and adventure travelers alike, BOLICHE continues its legacy as a collective space celebrating music, art and creativity. Take a seat in the intimate late night lounge and drink from a selection of artisanal spirits while listening to DJs journeying across all music genres.

cantina rooftop

IG: @cantinarooftop.bali
Bookings and reservations: WA +62 821 3248 6512

Casa Luna

casa luna

Welcome to Casa Luna

Established in 1992, Casa Luna is an Ubud icon that has been nourishing visitors and bringing the creative community together for more than 30 years.

Located on the main road, in the centre of town, the spacious three-storeyed eatery combines Balinese architecture with carved stone panels, local textiles, marble floors and traditional teak furniture. The menu is a vivid, melting pot of Indonesian, Asian and Mediterranean flavours, with an ultimate focus on Balinese food and culture. Favourites include Balinese-style paella, nasi campur, ayam kalasan, char-grilled pork ribs and pumpkin ravioli with warm, house-made focaccia served with every meal. Diners can opt for a streetside table to watch the world go by or can enjoy a tranquil, intimate experience, downstairs overlooking the bamboo jungle.

Casa Luna’s desserts are legendary and include lime tart, papaya-lime meringue pie, tiramisu torte, pavlova and carrot cake. A complete range of pastries, cinnamon rolls and sourdough breads, baked at Honeymoon Bakery, are on sale every day. On weekends, a whole layer of other delectables fill the shelves, from sausage rolls and fruit pastries to chocolate brioche, donuts and Portuguese tarts.

Open 7 days a week, from morning until late at night, Casa Luna dishes up hearty breakfasts, brunch, lunch and dinner. Afternoon tea specials and Happy Hour are also popular. With an aim to provide a memorable nutritious eating experience, seasonal ingredients, fresh herbs, aromatics and spices are the mainstay of the menu and pasta, breads and spice pastes are all homemade.

Casa Luna is the home of the Casa Luna Cooking School, Bali’s first cooking school. It is also the home of the Ubud Food Festival and the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, considered among the top literary festivals in the world. Casa Luna not only showcases writers but also musicians and emerging chefs. Jazz is held every Thursday and Sunday and long table dinners featuring food from across the archipelago are held throughout the year.

casa luna

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Bookings and reservations: WA +62 813 3823 9921

Golden Monkey Ubud

golden monkey ubud

Golden Monkey Ubud – How Canton and Szechuan Came to the Streets of Ubud

Golden Monkey, the first authentic Chinese restaurant in Ubud, is delighting food enthusiasts with its delectable menu and vibrant dining experience. Since its opening in 2017, Golden Monkey has become a favorite destination for locals and tourists craving the rich flavors of Chinese cuisine.

Situated in the heart of Ubud, along the bustling eat-street of Jalan Dewi Sita, Golden Monkey offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant’s open windows reveal a classically Chinoiserie-decorated venue, where Cheong sam-dressed wait staff attend to guests’ needs. Inside, the casual and cozy air-conditioned space provides a haven from the busy streets, inviting patrons to share family-style meals at communal tables.

The menu at Golden Monkey showcases a wide range of authentic Cantonese and Szechuan dishes, catering to diverse palates and dietary preferences. Whether you’re a fan of Chinese barbecue, crave all-you-can-eat Dim Sum, or seek classic Cantonese delicacies, Golden Monkey has something for everyone.

To enhance your dining experience, Golden Monkey offers an impressive selection of cocktails, wines, and teas. Their knowledgeable staff can recommend the perfect beverage pairing for your meal, ensuring a delightful fusion of flavours.

golden monkey ubud

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Bookings and reservations: WA +62 811 3866 001

Indus Restaurant

indus restaurant

Indus Restaurant, Ravine Dining at its Finest

Indus Restaurant invites you to discover an exceptional dining experience at their incredible setting offering unparalleled views of the Tjampuhan Ridge, Mount Agung and the River Oos below.

Established in 1998, Indus combines Balinese design with modern aesthetics. The restaurant boasts soaring stone columns, hand- carved panels, and indigo ombre walls, creating a warm and sophisticated ambience. With its breathtaking view, Indus provides a perfect setting for a romantic dinner under the stars, a leisurely lunch, or an intimate gathering with family and friends. Indus offers a range of dining options spread over two levels, accommodating large groups and tables for two.

For those seeking a tranquil afternoon respite from central Ubud, Indus is the perfect spot, offering an enticing daily Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm. where guests can indulge in selected 2-for-1 cocktails. On Saturdays, live jazz performances set the mood for a memorable evening under the stars from 6pm. Indus is open seven days a week from 12pm to 11pm, and is ideally suited for private events as well.

indus restaurant

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Bookings and reservations: WA +62 821 3877 3739

Lesung Restaurant – Visesa Ubud

lesung visesa

A Journey of Flavours at Lesung Restaurant – Visesa Ubud

Visesa Ubud Resort is proud to introduce Lesung Restaurant, a culinary haven nestled within enchanting premises. Boasting a captivating ambiance, Lesung offers diners a delightful journey of flavours, featuring celebrated international and Indonesian recipes that tantalize the taste buds.

Colourful global delicacies meet archipelago-inspired creations, Lesung caters to every palate. Whether you’re a lover of fresh seafood, or crave a comforting platter of pasta, the menu offers a wide range of fresh and locally sourced, organic options where available.

In addition to the culinary delights, Lesung Restaurant offers a poolside ambiance, allowing guests to relax amidst the tranquil green and lush surroundings. Each guests gets to immerse themselves in the soothing sounds of nature as they indulge in a gastronomic adventure, crafting unforgettable memories in a truly picturesque setting. Whether the diner is seeking a leisurely breakfast, a casual lunch, or a romantic dinner, Lesung restaurant is the perfect destination for discerning diners looking to savour the finest international and Indonesian cuisine.

lumbung visesa

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Bookings and reservations: call +62 821 4616 9643

Lumbung Restaurant – Visesa Ubud

lumbung visesa

Waterfalls Meet Flavours at Lumbung Restaurant – Visesa Ubud Resort

Visesa Ubud Resort is proud to introduce Lumbung Restaurant, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Jl. Suweta. Offering a captivating dining experience, Lumbung Restaurant is dedicated to serving exquisite and authentic Indonesian cuisine.

Open daily from 4:00pm. to 11:00pm., Lumbung Restaurant invites guests to embark on a culinary journey, indulging in a rich tapestry of flavours and traditional recipes inspired by the diverse Indonesian archipelago. What sets Lumbung Restaurant apart from other dining venues is its rustic interior design, transporting guests to a bygone era of traditional Indonesian village life. With its intricately carved wooden beams and cozy seating arrangements, the restaurant exudes an inviting charm that complements the vibrant flavours that appear in each carefully crafted dish.

Adding to the ambiance is the breathtaking waterfall that graces the surroundings, offering a mesmerizing backdrop as guests savor their culinary delights. Whether you’re seeking an intimate dinner for two or a gathering with friends and family, Lumbung Restaurant provides an idyllic setting to celebrate the richness of Indonesian cuisine. Come and immerse yourself in the flavors of the archipelago while enjoying the warm hospitality that Visesa Ubud Resort is renowned for.


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Bookings and reservations: call +62 821 4616 9643

Mozaic Restaurant

Shifting Paradigms in the Iconic Kitchens of Mozaic, Up in the Hills of Ubud

The iconic Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant Bali reopened its doors earlier this year under the leadership of the new head chef, Blake Thornley, who will be working closely alongside fine-dining instigator to Bali, chef Chris Salans. This famous Asian gastronomic destination has undergone extensive remodeling and now offers a new and exciting multi-concept dining experience. Mozaic is now set to offer three distinctive and singular dining experiences, all under one roof:

  • The Dining Room, the newly air-conditioned dining room, set amongst the tropical gardens of Mozaic, will continue to serve the tasting menus that Mozaic is globally renowned for.
  • The Tasting Rooms, a live-kitchen bar and lounge, with a walk-in wine room, mixology concept, and seasonal sharing plates, will spoil us all and stay open until 1am.
  • The Chef’s Table, a beautiful air-conditioned space where the Chefs offer a live and interactive cooking experience based on tasting menus from the Mozaic cuisine.

All of the concepts shall launch throughout the month of June, ready for what looks to be a busy high season in Bali. The Chef’s Table will open for lunch and dinner starting June 1st, followed by the Tasting Rooms, which will open on June 19th. Chef Thornley’s innovative approach offers an intrepid gastronomic discovery that stays true to Mozaic’s roots of delivering culinary excellence while showcasing Indonesian spices, ingredients, and seasonal products with a zero-waste approach. Chef Blake, and the team at Mozaic, are working closely with local suppliers and producers in sourcing and cultivating the best ingredients, as well as aligning more sustainable elements to the Mozaic offering, such as natural wines and zero-waste dishes.

The chefs see this new direction as an evolution of the original Mozaic concept, and also envision this direction as a paradigm shift within the fine dining industry’s place in the world today. “We focus on sustainability, authenticity, and innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries and skillset of our team and producers to create amazing dining experiences,” adds Chris Salans.


IG: @mozaicrestaurantubud
FB: Mozaic Restaurant
Bookings and reservations: WA +62 821 4723 5550



PICA South American Kitchen has been one of Ubud’s favourite restaurants since it opened its doors in 2014. The small owner-operated restaurant is known for its quality cuisine, warm service and intimate atmosphere.

PICA offers refined South American dining in the heart of Ubud village led by Chef-Owner Cristian Encina. The menu celebrates the unique culinary expressions across the South American continent, with a focus on the bright flavours of Peruvian cuisine. Celebrated dishes include ceviche, tiradito, empanadas, Peruvian seafood paella and bife ancho.


IG: @pica.bali
FB: PICA South American Kitchen
Bookings and reservations: WA +62 812 8070 4110

Janger Restaurant at Puri Wulandari

puri wulandari

Global Fusions Flavours Surrounded by Balinese Culture at Janger Restaurant – Puri Wulandari

Named after one of Balinese famous traditional dances, Janger Restaurant is an ultimate dining venue with artful touches that complements traditional Balinese culture. Serving dinner in a fine dining style, this open-aired signature restaurant offers contemporary cuisine with panoramic views of the surrounding tropical lushness.

The unique, open-air design captures the essence of Bali. Its flourishing tropical views and cooling breezes make it perfect for a romantic candle-lit dinner or for an intimate gathering.

Janger’s team of professional chefs describes their cuisine as “Global Fusion”, food that offers flavours and influences from various parts of the world, whilst using only the freshest of ingredients, with an emphasis on visual presentation.

IG: @puriwulandariubud
FB: Puri Wulandari, A Boutique Resort & Spa
Bookings and reservations: WA +62 818 980 252


rusters ubud

Rice Field and Sunset View at Rüsters Restaurant near Ubud

In the outskirts of Ubud, Rüsters is idyllically located amongst the rice fields. Rüsters started as a showroom for Scandinavian, handcrafted furniture, yet today the venue also includes a restaurant, a pottery studio, a roastery and coffee shop as well as an impressive concept store.

Rüsters Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared with the highest quality ingredients. The dinner menu introduces you to a sharing style concept, with the options of a set tasting menu and á la carte options. From the menu you can mix and match your preferred dishes from the selection of snacks, fish and seafood, meat, vegetables and sweets. All dishes are carefully composed as European classics with an Asian twist. To give a little teaser of what can be found in the menu the Danish head-chef offers Brown butter waffles with cream cheese and smoked salmon, Onion tart with Javanese pepper, Crispy duck with katsuobushi and Local oysters with chili ponzu.

This summer will see the launch of Rüsters Bakery. With a Danish, competition-winning baker in charge; considered one of the best in the world, the aim is to serve top quality Danish sourdough bread, pastries and much more.


IG: @rustersbali
FB: Rüsters
Bookings and reservations: +62 831 1593 0386

Sokasi – FS Sayan

four seasons sayan

A Splendid Farmer’s Sunday Brunch at Sokasi – Four Seasons Resort Bali Sayan

Sokasi Farmer’s Brunch, is a unique riverside brunch that celebrates Bali’s agricultural traditions: low-mile, farm-to-table produce: slow-cooked delights; fragrant coconut salad and local craft beer; all framed by the passion, care, and commitment of our skilled Balinese chefs. Available every Sunday 11.30am – 3.30pm. Rp 880.000++ per adult.

Family Package
Rp 1.900.000++ for 2 adults & 1 child (4-12 years old)
Additional child (4-12 years old) Rp 100.000++
Complimentary access to Pici Pici Kids Club

four seasons sayan

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FB: Four Seasons Resorts Bali
Bookings and reservations: FS Chat or call +62 361 977577

Sungai Restaurant – Sthala Ubud

sungai restaurant

Sungai Restaurant at Sthala Ubud, Where Nature Blends Intimately with Dining

Sungai Restaurant offers an alfresco dining experience, serving International and Indonesian cuisine for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner using only the finest locally sourced ingredients.

Sthala Ubud Bali uniquely has created the one and only Rafting Brunch in Bali. A luxury, curtained, bamboo and wood pontoon/raft can accommodate up to two adults or two adults with two children under 10 years old. While enjoying the brunch and admiring the beauty of Lodtunduh’s nature from the middle of the river, the raft is safely attached and guarded by the engineering team. With a wide range of food and dietary choices, Sungai Restaurant is wonderful venue from where to elevate your dining and holiday experience. Aural and oral pleasures abound!

sungai restaurant

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Bookings and reservations: call +62 361 3018700

The Kelusa – Samsara Ubud

the kelusa

The Kelusa at Samsara Ubud

Located in the serene Payangan rainforest in the outskirts of Ubud, The Kelusa offers a unique dining experience that harmoniously combines classic and modern culinary delights. Its picturesque setting adds to the blissful ambiance, making it a truly special destination. The natural tropical interiors and the surrounding forest jungles further enhances the charm of The Kelusa. 

The menu at The Kelusa is thoughtfully divided into two sections, featuring signature dishes with a modern Indonesian twist on the one side, as well as beloved classics to balance. The restaurant celebrates the rich heritage and diverse flavours of Indonesian cuisine, presenting them in a modern and sophisticated manner, ensuring that each guest experience is an epicurean treat.

The restaurant goes so far as to have created a special menu for children, ensuring a delightful experience for the whole family. To complement the culinary journey, guests can explore a selection of fine wines sourced from Samsara’s wine cellar. Cocktail enthusiasts will also be delighted by the variety of cocktails available.

However, The Kelusa is not just a place to satisfy one’s appetite. It also aspires to be a vibrant venue for creative individuals and visionaries. Through its monthly events, the restaurant creates a safe and inspiring atmosphere for creative expression, encouraging connections and innovation.

the kelusa

IG: @thekelusa
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Bookings and reservations: call +62 361 2091769

The Tempayan – Tanah Gajah

the tempayan tanah gajah

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, The Tempayan restaurant at the heart of Tanah Gajah, a Resort by Hadiprana, has come back stronger after a fire destroyed the building last year. A spacious outdoor terrace and two private air-conditioned dining rooms with extensive wine cellars have been added to the incarnation of the dining establishment. The soul of the original structure has been kept intact with the design inspiration coming from wantilan, a Balinese style pavilion that is a gathering place for a village.

The establishment can now host up to 200 guests, with seating available for 70 in the main dining hall, and eight per private dining room, the alfresco terrace that abuts the paddies, has seating for 20 but has plenty more standing space for parties and larger-scale events. The new wine collection, stored in a temperature-controlled environment, features over 50 wines from around the world, as well as popular local brands. The menu has also had a revamp but organic, mostly local and house-grown produce remain at the core of what is crafted in executive chef Khairudin ‘Dean’ Nor’s kitchen.

The restaurant is also home to a number of the resort’s popular offerings. Bali’s first and only hot-air balloon experience can be enjoyed during sunrise and sunset in front of The Tempayan, and the flight paired with breakfast or dinner. The Balinese Kecak and fire dance performance, held in the property’s open-air amphitheater is followed by Royal Balinese dinner in the restaurant. Chef Dean also offers engaging, hands-on cooking classes, bringing decades of cooking experience in Singapore and Bali to the table. The Tempayan is open from 7am to 10pm and serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner.

the tempayan tanah gajah

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Bookings and reservations: call +62 361 975685