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Doing The Shim Sham With DJ Shammui

For more musical mayhem we track down Singaporean dynamo DJ Shammui for his thoughts on music, Bali’s unique cultural recipe and the future of dance floor development.

So Shammui, what does your name mean? What’s your heritage?

Shammui is actually just my deejay name. I got it from friends when I was travelling a lot to Thailand through Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. Friends mostly called me Sha when I was there and then they started calling me Shammui which I feel is unique . . . so it became my name ever since. I have an Indonesian mix from my grandfather and the rest of my family is Singaporean.

Do you have any first impressions of coming to Bali you can remember?

Before I decided to reside and live in Bali, I often came here three to four times a year to surf and party. My first impression was and still is that Bali is a beautiful paradise with amazing nature, especially its beaches which are filled with friendly people both local or expat.

How did you first get into music?

Music has always been a part of my life. My parents used to be clubbers in their younger days so I grew up with music on the home theatre. I  started with Alternative music as a rhythm guitarist for a band during my teenage days until Electronica and House music caught my attention and I developed a deep passion for it . . . and that’s when deejaying came into my life.

Who would you say are your strongest influences and why?

My strongest influence is Booka Shade for their amazing productions and as professional musicians. This duo inspires me with their work especially after watching their live set with drum percussion combined with their electronic set up. It totally blew my mind and I’m sure the same for the millions of people had watched it too. It’s totally another level and that’s where I aim to reach; another dream I’m working on in process.

How do you see the music and nightlife scene here on Bali compared to Singapore?

The music and nightlife industry here on Bali is definitely growing rapidly and that’s one of the reasons I’m loving it here. Six years living here and all I see is the industry accelerating forward limitlessly. The best part of it is that it’s very international as we have deejays, producers, event coordinators, club owners, and other talent from all over the world on one island sharing the same passion – music.

What’s new in the pipeline?

I finally managed to finish my first production here and it will be released soon. I am also in the process of opening a small business with a partner related to the music and nightlife industry.

What’s your biggest challenge these days?

I would say juggling and managing time for music production, curating playlists for gigs, keeping a healthy lifestyle and setting up a business. So far everything is going pretty well even though it’s a struggle sometimes. But when it’s your passion, you love doing every single part of it all.

What are you top three favorite places to play on Bali and why?

Jenja, Jungle and 707 Beach Berm. These are places that are filled with energy from the venue itself and the awesome crowd. I always receive amazing energy whenever I’m performing at these places and that’s very important for deejays . . . to exchange energy and good vibes by communication through music.

What’s your dream?

My dream is to travel and perform in all the elite big clubs and festivals all over the world, especially Tomorrowland in Holland.

Favorite footwear?

Adidas Y3 for quality, comfort and stylish design!

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