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Kimo Rizky and Double Deer Records are breaking new ground to foster music production to a new generation of young local talent. The Yak tracked him down for a chinwag.

So Kimo, how do you see Bali – both from international and local perspective?

Bali is the best place to retreat for your body and soul, the best place to have a holiday, and as an international DJ’s magnet, everyone loves Bali!

Growing up, did you come from a musical family? Any early influences or heroes that come to mind?

My dad is a keyboardist, but the saddest thing is I’m the only one who can’t play any instruments, so I decided to explore digital music production. I love Balearic style House, DJ Strangefruit, Todd Terje, Bjorn Torske, mostly producers from Norway.

When and how did you realize that you wanted to make music your life path?

Senior high school in 2005, when I was exploring Fruity Loops, Logic Pro, Reason and Ableton programs.

How would you describe the vision and mission for Double Deer Records?

The vision is to be an electronic record label that popularizes electronic pop music in a different way and perspective for Indonesia. The mission is releasing consistently good Electronic Pop music from Indonesia.

Where did the name come from?

From the vocalist of Kelompok Penerbang Roket, John Paul Patton, a currently well known rock band in Indonesia.

So for your team at Double Deer – who does what and how does it all come together?

We have a few business units at Double Deer, such as Double Deer Courses which is teaching digital music production, Double Deer Audio Post which is music for commercials, jingles, and so on, Double Deer Records which is releasing fresh tunes from young local talent, and the last one Double Deer Communication which is a creative or marketing agency.

Our clients include Philip Morris Indonesia, specifically Marlboro. We work with communities in nine cities in Indonesia and support their offline and online activities. We have 17 employees currently, Kukuh Rizal serves as managing director, and I am business development and co founder.

I have four partners, Iyas, Arrio, Kinez Riza and Harvy, which started in 2012. I got a bank loan and was planning this stuff by myself initially, but then met four super partners who have the same spirit and same vision, and everything grew really fast.

So you’re teaching the next generation? How is that going?

From the beginning Double Deer has been supporting musical education and technology. Up till now we have 150 alumni, we teach Ableton Live, and the syllabus covers eight terms in one month. In the future we will develop online classes, and we’re maybe thinking to open a class on Bali, if there’s a chance!

What would you like to see happen most for the future of Indonesia?

Export local talent from Indonesia to the world and showcase the uniqueness of our sound, Indonesia’s sound!

What’s your toughest challenge these days?

The audiences really lack knowledge about the music business and undervalue the appreciation of music itself.

How do you see music as a means for affecting change in the world? What more can be done?

Unity in diversity!

What’s your dream?

Not a dream, but I really want to explore more about traditional music in every country.

What kinds of traditional music are you looking to explore and incorporate towards your productions?

Anything, I really like organic stuff for my sound; something ancient combined with digital sounds. Also want to find a marimba player and percussion group!

Favourite footwear?


Thanks so much for your time online, Kimo. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your work on the nightlife scene. L.T.