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Dreaming Of Blue

Image maker Gianluca Fellini and his one man outfit bluedreamescapes travels the world with his camera to seek out new vibes for conscious brands. We caught him between planes.

Gianluca, first off, where are you from and how did you grow up?

I am from Italy, and I grew up in a small city called Rimini on the east coast, three hours south of Venice.

And when did imagery become part of your life?

Both photography and video came into my life through a love of freedom and travel. Photography about 14 years ago and video about 10 years ago.

Tell us about bluedreamescapes?

I was tired of living in a city, and I was looking for a commercial outlet that would set me free from living in a specific place. My idea was that brands that loved my style and current location could simply send me their goods and I would use them to create content, either as photographs or video. I saw that it would cut the cost of production and bring a freshness to their products.

How do you marry brands to your creative vision?

Lately I have been more into ‘conscious’ brands, if this is the correct word … projects that allow me to send out a message that resonates with my inner state.

How hard is it in today’s world to make images that truly stand out?

Really I have no idea! All I know is that more people are educated about images and beauty than ever before, thanks to social media. All I can do is love the images I make. I work on the idea that if I love them then so will others.

How scheduled is your time? You seem to wander the world pretty freely. (We see on your website that you use the quote ‘the shortest path to one’s self first leads around the world’.

In fact this is my credo … it’s what allows me to be who I am today. I believe freedom is the most precious element in life and I truly believe it allows me to grow continuously, and with that so does the quality of my work.

What are the narratives that tend to repeat in your work?

I think a love of beauty and light when they are united to the specific landscape I am in. That and a massive love and respect for our planet and of life itself. My narratives flow freely with the elements that surround me.

What do you do when you’re not shooting?

Mostly I spend time in the water. I love surfing, and the ocean is my biggest master. Also I love practicing music and yoga, I am a trained yoga propagator. I also love having people around when they come with their sparkle. I love laughter and eating and great sex! I guess we all do, if we are honest.

When did Bali become part of your life, and how long do you spend on the island, generally?

Bali was the place I visited the first time I ever took a plane and flew out of Italy, when I was 21 years old. So I think of Bali as part of my life … the lifestyle, the culture, the possibilities … they are very familiar to me. I came here with the idea of healing myself and taking back control of my life on my terms … and she provides! I decided to move here full time last year.

What are the trends that you see coming through in branding images, now that the hipster vibe has started to wane?

I think the new trends are nomadic … living a nomadic life allows for change and for a mix of different styles, colours and textures. Representing the world, in its totality. We are understanding more and more that there are no borders. We are one.

What’s next for bluedreamescapes?

More and more conscious work, environmental work, social work, I want to tell stories that can inspire change. And I want to live freely and love life. I am about to shoot a documentary about a world soccer champion, an exquisite story. He had to go through many difficulties in life, like all of us perhaps, but he beat them to become a great player and now he is giving back by helping with social change. He is working with an organization in Bulgaria to help children change their lives … they live in the sewers under the city, mostly because it’s too cold above ground in the winter. Parada, the organisation, helps them to rediscover life through the circus. It’s wild.

Sounds incredible. And finally, who is the most interesting client you have worked with?

The most interesting? They are always yet to come.