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Earth and Ashes – Tamsjadi & Schmidt

Dear friend and artist/photographer, and just one part of the duo that is Tamsjadi & Schmidt, just let us know that they have recently launched their website and are slated for a fabulous exhibition in Berlin curating their next session of uber-artistic themed photographic images.

Since The Yak invited them to be part of our fabulous print issue (link below) in June 2018, they have creatively marched on with their unique style of contemporary art imaging via lengthy and detailed shoots and by curating various exhibitions across Europe.

Sinta Tamsjadi and Thomas Schmidt

We’re very much looking forward to their next one as and when, and (if all our ducks line up) we’ll definitely be attending the next exhibition…

Fingers crossed – Berlin here we come…


IG: @tamsjadischmidt

The Yak – June 2018 – https://www.theyakmag.com/ashesearth/