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Everyone’s Heading to Upperdeck Canggu…


Funnily enough, Upperdeck Canggu is not based on a yacht, but it is located inside a donut store, above the Dough Darlings venue to be precise! The entry is a hidden door on the 2nd floor and covered in red brick, and kept semi-closed to pique interest, enter here and it leads you up to the bar on the 3rd floor.

After entering through the secret passageway you will be greeted by a minimalist cocktail bar, replete with black accents, wicker-wood accent chairs which blend with green ceramic tables. The space is secluded, seats up to 30 guests, and far from the dark atmosphere that some might expect, the Upperdeck Bar is bright, warm, and inviting.

Once inside, Upperdeck Canggu offers serenity from the hustle bustle. It’s all about slow-paced living; laid-back vibes where intimate talks, curated chill-out tunes and specialty drinks are the place’s main attractions. Here you can sip your cocktail, while enjoying the beautiful sunset over Canggu. Upperdeck is ideal for an afternoon tipple, private meeting, or a hushed rendezvous.


Upperdeck Canggu’s Head Bar – Putu Pratama, alongside Cocktail Consultant – Jordy Outra, created six signature cocktails. These are: Tropical, Watermelon Sour, Brullè, Wet Bikini, and The Vardier with the sixth, having been inspired by a movie, is called, ‘I Hate Whisky Sour’. This cocktail takes inspiration from a film called ‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’, precisely from the Whiskey Sour scene. It’s a mixed drink blending whiskey, almond liquor, lemon juice, fresh fruit syrup, and vegan honey. The final result is that this drink is now one of the best-selling cocktails at the Upperdeck Canggu bar.

Every cocktail is made to perfection in every detail, and ultimately surprises you with twists of flavour. Furthermore, there are a variety of classic and signature dishes and beverages, including new menu items, exclusive to the bar.

As a casual bar, the Dress Code is “bebas” (freestyle). Anyone is welcome to step ‘up and in’, as there is a ‘no-reservation and no minimum charge’ policy at Upperdeck Canggu. Of note however, is that the bar closes every Monday, and is open from Tuesday thru’ Sunday from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Words from the Team at Upperdeck Canggu Bar: “Hidden inside a donut store, this intimate cocktail bar is locally-owned and offers a new experience not far from Canggu’s hustle. When it’s time to relax and get laid-back vibes, you can enjoy cocktails and watch the sunset from this rooftop bar. The only downside? It’s only open at from 5pm!”

IG: @upperdeck.canggu
Address: Jl. Raya Semat No.1D, Tibubeneng – Kec. Kuta Utara