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Fabric of Life

Fabric of Life1

Lording lofty above the rest…Sophie Digby experiences Paul Ropp Interiors at his pied a terre. Photos: Lucky 8.

OPEN the red and yellow lacquered door and you have stepped into a wonderland, The Wonderland of Paul Ropp. His new wonderland, fit for his new venture …

Wall to wall, silk wool, embroidered carpets silently glide you up the few stairs, into the open plan sitting, dining cum kitchen area.

Fabric of Life2

Is that a dancing stage back and centre I see?

Take anything you think you need to decorate a loft-apartment and … give it a Paul Ropp edge, or should I say twist? Since we are talking about his unique take on fabrics.

Having dressed bodies who would “rather go naked”, Paul has done a fabulous job of dressing this (“I would give my eye teeth for it”) would-be pied à terre.

Fabric of Life4

Bar stools of aluminium have been “resined” in hues of orange and red with rounded cuffs and topped with an olive green hand-stitched red silk.

Aluminium kitchen throughout. Woven aluminium kitchen cupboards to boot. Quite a texture Ropp has going on here.

Oversize, but not as in the fashion of fast food, more Alice through-the-looking-glass with a dash of Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. That is what the sitting/dining area has going on.

Fabric of Life3

The avant garde rugs are made with fabric left-overs, in fact not just left-overs…tiny, tiny scraps.

Here is a man that believes “wasting is wanting” and he’ll be having none of that! Maybe more of us should think like him…

Throwback ’60s retro, pile carpets are not made of wool strands to be raked every morning, but of off cuts in every shade of blue – I’m sure I have a skirt in my cupboard just like that bit there! I spy a well-known blue wool shirt within the upholstering of the “matching-pairing but not” Ottoman too. Genius!

Fabric of Life5

Then there is the massive sofa, welcome to the era of eternal sleepovers aka couch surfing for four.

The bedroom, with its sliding doors with fabulous single-design Indian tapestry sandwiched in between, gives way to a more intimate space, with balcony and bathroom, which as with the kitchen sports the lattice work of aluminium.

Multiple cushions and a traditional Paul Ropp multi-fabric bedcover with iconic Indian designs cover the two-plus by two-plus mattress, and a gorgeous, large, modern Noel-style sofa is lovingly upholstered in all my favourite greens – silks, wools, devoré with beautifully rounded armrests in my dear friend, corduroy! Yes I am a fan!

Fabric of Life6

The dancing stage? What is that covered with? I hear you ask…Why nothing of course, it’s one of Ropp’s Shop in the Box designs – so it is elegant, dark grey and bevilled in gold!

Paul Ropp Interiors – Loft apartment/showroom – viewing by appointment only.