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Fever-Tree In The Mix


Fever-Tree’s range of premium natural mixers has pioneered a new drinks category worldwide – and now we’re happy to say they are available on our fair isle.

Changing both customer and industry perceptions of the classic long drink, the G&T is firmly back on the classic cocktail circuit thanks to this award winning range.

Launched in the UK in early 2005 by Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow, the mixers are made with the finest and most authentic natural ingredients available: subtle botanical flavours, fruit juices, soft spring water, cane sugar, and for the tonic waters and lemon tonic, the highest quality quinine from the original Cinchona trees (fever-trees).


Highly carbonated to deliver the delicate botanical aromas and ensure premium freshness and fizz, the mixers consist of small elegant bubbles for a smoother and more intense taste.

By replacing cloying saccharin sweeteners and artificial preservatives with natural botanicals and flavours, Fever-Tree have created delicious mixers that will complement and enhance the world’s finest spirits. After all, if three quarters of your long drink is a mixer, that mixer had better be good. Cheers.