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For this special W-Turns-Five edition of musical musings we catch up with Damian Saint, Arun Ramanathan and Has Sidik – the music curators from W Bali, W Hong Kong, and W Singapore – for their contrasting back stories and perspectives on the Woobar experience, five years down the road since W Retreat & Spa Bali – Seminyak opened her musical doors . . .

Growing up – who were your top five musical heroes?

Damian: Not an easy question to answer. It changes every week for me. Favourite DJ, favourite producer, etc. Off the top of my head . . . Massive Attack for their Blue Lines album, early Daft Punk (Homework and Roulé), big Jamiroquai fan, Henrik Schwarz, SBTRKT.

Arun: Tough one to just pick five! Michael Jackson, Mos Def / Yassin Bei, Robert Nesta Marley, Ravi Shankar and Frankie Knuckles.

Has: Fela Kuti, David Bowie, Thom Yorke and James Yancey. [That’s four, Has]


What defines The W approach to music for you?

Damian: International sound with quality DJ’s and acts pushing things forward and setting trends whilst paying attention to other new and upcoming acts.

Arun: Eclectic, global, forward-thinking.

Has: Anything worldly, cutting edge and groovy.

Top five gigs you have witnessed or been a part of at W so far?

Damian: There have been a bunch, especially the annual SPF parties with the likes of Dubfire and Miss Kittin, but I’d have to say the ridiculous thousand-people-turn-out for Soul Clap on a Thursday a few years ago; Sunset Session with Art Department, Apparat and last night’s Catz n Dogz gig . . . amazing.

Arun: Clockenflap After-Party at Woobar, W Hong Kong. IMS Conference at W Singapore, Atjazz at Woobar, W Hong Kong, Silent Disco at W Bali. Haunted House Halloween Party at Woobar, W Hong Kong.

Has: Courtyard – Woobar Singapore Pop Up Party, Mark Ronson at W Singapore, SPF at W Bali, W Barcelona Summer Series opening party, Clockenflap after party at W Hong Kong.


Funniest/most unexpected W musical moment so far?

Damian: Being promoted to Music Director/Music Curator at W Bali.

Arun: Fending off hundreds of fan girls while hosting Pete Doherty for Clockenflap.

Has: When Azealia Banks asked for KFC outside of her rider.

Top five Bali destinations?

Damian: Scratch restaurant for food. Nook . . . for food again, Kuta reef for surf, Woobar, because I pretty much live there, and Bedugul for a quiet getaway in a wood cabin by the lake.

Arun: La Plancha, Single Fin, Uluwatu, Ibu Oka’s in Ubud, Tirtha Empul and Jari Menari.

Has: Jenja, Dreamland, Jari Menari, Ubud Market and Gitgit Waterfall.

Thanks so much for your time online, sound boys. May the Woo be with you!

 To dig some dirty downloads check out :

https://soundcloud.com/damian-saint; https://soundcloud.com/arunr