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Madonna made her do it. Tony Stanton meets muso Lady Flic. Image: Ryerson Anselmo for Costes Portrait.

Lady Flic

LADY Flic, tell us about the time you fell out of a tree.

Lol ok. I was about 15 years old and a big cricket fan. One day I climbed one of the big trees surrounding the local cricket ground so I could watch a game, I was up pretty high and unfortunately the branch I was holding onto was rotten and snapped off in my hands so I toppled down head first, well hand-first actually. I landed on my left hand and my elbow took all the weight and got pretty mashed up. Cut to two or three years later, finishing high school, I got an accident compensation cheque in the mail, NZ$8,008 dollars. I think within a week I moved out of home and bought turntables. I’m not sure I would have become a DJ otherwise, hard to say! It definitely set me on track. A happy accident, it’s one of the themes of my life.

Lady Flic

Seriously though, has your life always been so … unexpected?

Well, I think I’ve always just gone with the flow, never really had that ‘plan for the future’ mindset, so there is always space for crazy. For sure some mad things have happened which have led me to unexpected places and states. In hindsight, there is always some kind of universal message or lesson, some unexpected enlightenment that I always used to learn the hard way, but am slowly learning to recognise before I break another bone or brain cell.

Lady Flic

We’ve done our research … you’re a Kiwi who used to sneak into clubs underage, correct?

Busted! Back in Wellington it was quite loose, we were clearly very underage, sometimes they just made us sign a piece of paper to get in, I guess that got them off the hook somehow. There were a couple of great club nights, and also a load of raves in big warehouses on the waterfront and other random locations. Eye-opening for sure.

I looked at the DJ in awe, like holy crap that looks like a ridiculous amount of fun.

What was the first song or track that made you just think … wow, music, that’s it for me…

Probably something by Madonna. I think she was my first musical obsession.

Lady Flic

And Bali has been home now for, what, 10 years? How has the music scene here changed?

Yes! Came for a friend’s wedding, and here I still am, it’s a funny old life. The scene has changed dramatically. For the better, and for the worse, loads more good stuff and way too much of the other. It’s a fickle place in terms of events, people are spoiled with what they get offered, which makes it hard for promoters to bring something unique and credible and make any kind of profit. So currently we are seeing a lot of the same. Bali’s music scene is still very young and doesn’t have a real solid foundation, so things just pop up, aren’t supported then they disappear. Bali’s transience is its blessing and curse. My wish is that people just dig a little past the gimmick or flavour of the month and find the quality, because it is there.

Lady Flic

What’s the best venue on Planet Bali right now. Let’s go for Top 3…

Vault is a proper club that filled a gap in the right place and time in Bali with great sound. I always have fun in there. La Brisa – the setting and ambience are awesome, and they have been doing some nice bookings. W Hotel – I’ve been dj-ing there recently and just loving the vibe, the sound, the view, the staff. It’s still one of the most beautiful venues in Bali.

What sets your sets apart from other Djs?

How to answer this question without sounding like a wanker? Ha ha. Well, I guess versatility and flow … making connections that others might not, due to having such a deep well to draw from. I like walking the line of bringing people joy and confusing them.

Lady Flic

When we were setting this interview up and discussing photography you were like ‘please don’t make me shoot again!’ Is it so traumatic to stand in front of the lens?

I’m one of those introverted extroverts. It’s like ‘yes I want to be the centre of attention but give me space, goddammit’. It’s just not my comfort zone. And Bali is full of photographers, it’s one of my pet hates, you’re out and about and there’s someone with a lens in your face, ugh, now I have to think about how I look when I’m just trying to chill. Anyway I’m totally in love with the photos Ryerson took, and beyond happy that I don’t need to shoot again for at least five years.

Ok here’s an easier question. What’s your go-to get out of jail free track to get a party moving?

I always go back to Alexander Robotnik – Problemes D’amour. The amount of times I’ve played it, I would usually be so over it, but something about it just gets me every time.

Lady Flic

What genre of music makes you want to vomit?

Most EDM and mumble rap. I find it pretty offensive and can’t be around it. I just don’t understand it. Call me old fashioned, (actually I’m not) but there is so much good music out there right now it boggles my mind that people settle for this absolute drivel.

How do you stay ahead of the curve?

By trusting myself and going with what makes me feel good.

Lady Flic

When was the last time you were happy?

I’m high on life in general right now, and I don’t plan on coming down anytime soon. Even though Bali has its issues, I feel so blessed to live here.