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The Yak sits down with Hutomo Ishii, artist and Baliphile, who first visited the island on the advice of his hairdresser.

Ishii-san, it has been a while. What a re you currently working on?

I’m currently working on the creation of my artworks which will be exhibited at ARMA Ubud / Group Exhibition in September 2018.

Briefly, can tell our followers a bit more of your journey to Bali. How and when, and why did you come here?

Around 30 years ago my hair-designer friend used to whisper into my ear every time I went to see him. “Bali is a nice place to visit,” he would say. So I finally followed his advice, and visited for the first time with him. When he’d first whispered the name of the island to me, I didn’t know even where Bali was located.

What does Bali mean to you?


Your style is abstract, but do you follow any “rules” (or processes) when creating a piece?

No rules. I just follow my inspiration.

What is your favourite medium?

When I create my paintings, I often mix a kind of collage-works with acrylic paint. My collage-materials are something picked-up from the Nature – on the road, beach, garden etc. Yes, my materials for collage-works are called sometimes “rubbish”. They are my favorite medium.

Who and or what inspires your pieces?


Where can we view your art?

I’ll exhibit 16 pcs of my artworks at ARMA Museum Ubud for a Group Exhibition titled “La Force Infinie” which will be held from 01st to 30th September 2018. I usually do my exhibitions in Japan.

What other talents do you have besides painting?

Commercial design work,  as I studied it in Paris and worked for in that area in Paris and also in Tokyo between the ages of 26 and 40. And in my younger period I was a stage-actor in Japan.

Music is also important to you. What do you prefer to listen to?

Keith Jarret and Sting.

One last thing. If you could be omnipotent  for a day what would you do?

I’d re-start my life from the age of 20 with all the experience and feelings which I have acquired thus far.

Thank you for your time Ishii-san.

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