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Gallery Kohinoor Launches Noor 8 Fine Jewelry; Designed to be Worn, Treasured for Eternity, Drawing on 40 years of Goldsmith Excellence.

noor 8 jewelry

Noor-8 Fine Jewelry, the latest venture by the renowned brand Gallery Kohinoor, announces its highly anticipated launch at an exclusive event held in Bali.

With an illustrious history spanning over 40 years, Kohinoor has established itself as an industry leader, deeply rooted in the understanding of jewelry’s year to year trends and market preferences. Noor-8 Jewelry emerges as a testament to the Gallery Kohinoor’s visionary approach, as it embarks on a global journey by establishing its own brand, starting with a spectacular jewelry fashion show here in Bali, and with ambitious dreams of capturing fashion capitals.

Ovie Jiwaji, CEO of Kohinoor, expressed her excitement, stating “We envision this as the initial stride towards establishing a global brand, commencing with a splendid jewelry fashion show held in Bali, while harboring ambitious aspirations to extend our presence to the renowned fashion hubs of New York, Paris, and Milan”.

noor 8 jewelry

Noor-8 Jewelry introduces three exquisite collections on the launch of the brand : Signature, Geometry, and Spectra. Each collection showcases an exquisite blend of artistry, innovation, and elegance, embodying the essence of timeless beauty. The Signature collection pays homage to the philosophy of the brand, an infinite light infused with contemporary flair; Geometry collection captures the allure of geometric patterns and lines intertwine with elegance; Spectra collection mesmerizes with its vibrant colors and radiant gemstones, creating a visual symphony of brilliance.

Noor-8 Jewelry sets forth with the ambition to become the premier jewelry brand from Bali and in the entire Indonesian archipelago. Guided by an iconic brand identity and a legacy of numerous accolades of Kohinoor’s 40 years presence, the brand promises to enrich the lives of its customers with exquisite craftsmanship, innovative designs, and a deep appreciation for the art of jewelry.

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