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Get Blown … By Bamboo Blonde

Girls just want to have fun – preferably at Blow Bar Bali.

Who doesn’t love hanging out with the girls, getting pretty, enjoying a few drinks and heading out on the town? Blow Bar is absolutely made for this. With a full range of treatments for nails and hair, as well as make up on demand, Blow Bar offers some of our favourite things: manicures and blow dries, pedicures and make up, and of course a full bar!

Tucked away behind the Bamboo Blonde’s flagship store on Oberoi Road, Blow Bar has become the ultimate go-to salon for Bali expats. The long black and white bar is an attraction in itself and happy hours on the weekend get us in there without any excuse at all. Life’s like that.

Blow Bar also takes care of the boys, so no one need feel left out. With a barber chair set up front and centre, the mere male gets a look in on treatments as well as a great view of the girls making pretty. For those who don’t go for the whole metrosexual thing, a few beers at the bar seems a far better option than hanging out in a salon minding the handbag.

Memories of hanging out with friends and preparing for a night on the town only tells part of the story of why Blow Bar appeals to so many of us. Taking multi-tasking to new levels, blow Bar is a salon, a bar, an indulgence and an experience.

It’s no surprise that Espresso martinis go down quicker with friends, or that the shop outside becomes the wardrobe for the night out. Getting together with the girls is always a good excuse for a drink. When you can combine it with beauty treatments you are on a winner. That’s possibly why it’s not that easy to get an appointment.

Women sitting at the bar in curlers, having their hair done and juggling a drink while the manicurist tries to pry the hand from the glass is all part of what happens here. There’s also an open lounge area at the back for smokers. Blow Bar ticks a lot of boxes for the party crowd.

Treatments though aren’t slacking off, they offer all the latest in nail treatments including the latest SNS nail treatments, gels and shellac, and a range of high end products for both hair and nails. It is absolutely an indulgence, which is one of the reasons we love it, it’s also an essential for many women who want to hit the town looking polished head to toe. It is the ultimate urban indulgence. S.D.