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Get Intimate At Teatro

Lovers of fine food will love Teatro, the intimate diner which launched chef Mandif Warokka as one of Bali’s most exciting, and busiest, chefs. The lights are low, the atmosphere is hushed, despite a full open kitchen, and the food is a revelation. Delicious from the tiny amuse bouche which marks the beginning of the degustation dinner to the jewel-like petit four that arrive at the end. It’s easy to hide away and enjoy some private moments in the candlelit dining room at the back, or snuggle up in the plush booths. The service is crisp yet friendly and distractions are few. If required a trip to watch the well-trained kitchen staff perform small miracles can be a welcome sidebar. The food may be fancy but degustation come in a variety of courses and while the food stakes are high, things are kept crisp but casual.
Tel. 085101700078                           www.teatrobali.com                           Yak Map P.8