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Lou Nietunz meets founder of Italy’s Time Records whose foundation TIMETOLOVE is helping women and children in Bali and beyond. Photo: Stephane Sensey.

SO Giacomo, when did you first come to Bali? And what were your first impressions?

It was in 1990, coming from Europe. Bali had a strong impact on me because at that time it was really wild.

Was your family musical? Who were your early influences?

No musicians in my family. Music for me is something innate. I was enraptured by music from an early age, and over the years it has become something maniacal and obsessive. In the beginning I was influenced by names like Bobby Orlando and Patrick Cowley who produced great music in the early ’80s.

Do you remember the first concert you went to?

I’ve never been a big fan of live concerts, I’ve always preferred clubs.

How do you see the music industry today with the web and all?

I’m very lucky because in my career I’ve seen all the innovations from MC to Vinyl to CD to download and now streaming. It has only changed the way we use it but at its base it’s still all about making that hit, and that’s me and my team’s daily work.


Can you tell us a bit about your foundation on Bali?

My foundation is called TIMETOLOVE and it wants to help women and children all over the world. The idea was born thanks to my meeting with Robin Lim of the Bumi Sehat Foundation in Ubud last year. We organized a big charity event in Italy last September to support her foundation and we did something really great. Our aim is to organize and promote charity events in the future and help other Foundations all over the world.

Top three favorite places in the world to play and why?

Bali, Ibiza and Miami. The first because it is a place that I really love; the others because they are very important for the dance music industry.

What’s new in the pipeline at Time Records?

This last year has been really successful for us. Our artist Feder achieved great results in Europe and among others we represent another great act, Lost Frequencies, who are climbing the charts everywhere with hit singles. On November 20th we’ll be releasing the new single from Feder that is going to be huge! We have a lot of new projects for the next year that will keep Time Records the number one indie label in Italy and one of the most important labels worldwide.


What’s your biggest challenge these days?

My biggest challenge is fighting against my crazy heart and I hope to finally emerge the winner [Giacomo recently underwent heart surgery].

What’s your dream?

I have a lot of dreams, and before realizing many of them I always have another dream in my mind. The important thing is to achieve them.

Favourite footwear?

Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas as sneakers.