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Go Green At Ulaman Eco Retreat


Ulaman Eco Retreat, a luxury eco-conscious villa and wellness resort in Kaba Kaba Village, has opened  its doors to anyone seeking  luxury and serenity in a sustainable environment. Ulaman offers a unique holistic retreat experience – immersed in traditional Balinese culture – for people who strive to live more consciously without compromising comfort and luxury.

The masterminds behind Ulaman Eco Retreat are Dino Magnatta, a business entrepreneur, and Charlie Hearn, the eco-conscious architect behind www.inspiralarchitects.com. They collaborated their expertise and business skills and envisioned a tranquil, eco-conscious hideaway that offers luxury experiences to enhance your physical and emotional well-being.

Ulaman Eco Retreat is located in Kaba Kaba village – only 30 minutes from Ubud and Canggu. It is thoughtfully nestled among lush forests, rice fields, and spectacular river landscapes. The resort features organic gardens and fruit trees, and an impressive hand-carved Buddha, scaling over 40 meters into the side of a cliff.


One of the core values of Ulaman Eco Retreat’s Mission Statement is to manifest its eco-friendly designs and green practices. This charming retreat is constructed entirely using bamboo and rammed earth walls sourced from its initial land. Ulaman prioritizes eco practices by using components found directly on the surrounding land, including employing local Bali craftsmen.

All raw and organic food as well as lush hair and body products are obtained from local farmers and suppliers. As a part of implementing their eco-conscious approach, Ulaman works attentively with Bali’s zero waste initiatives to ensure that its recycling, composting and natural cleaning regimens are always environmentally responsible. In addition all power in the property is supplied by a custom hydro-turbine system fueled by the nearby Ulaman waterfall.

Ulaman Eco Retreat aspires to provide first-class comfort and amenities to create an all-around remarkable experience for guests. Round-the-clock services and a private butler will be available to cater to all guests’ needs. Sample local delicacies with delicious meals (including vegetarian and vegan options) prepared daily by Ulaman’s in-house Chefs. Guests can customize their daily activities to cater to whichever interest energizes them that day. Spa services, meditation, and yoga are a few of the sanctuary’s intimate experiences designed to maximize well-being. For adventure and nature seekers; hiking and biking through rice terraces and local villages is a great way to immerse yourself in Balinese culture, as well as relaxing on Ulaman’s comfortable lounge net while overlooking the majestic waterfall and river.


The entire Ulaman Waterfall Retreat can accommodate up to 22 guests. Composed of eight luxury villas and one large three-bedroom property makes Ulaman an ideal setting for wedding parties, yoga retreats, and business conferences. All of Ulaman’s eco-luxurious accommodations are well-equipped with air conditioned bedrooms, restful king size bed, beautifully designed furniture, flat screen TV, and a semi-outdoor bamboo bathroom featuring a unique custom-made wooden bathtub. Each property also features its own personal oasis, a serene balcony and a private infinity salt water pool.

Ulaman Eco Retreat is the perfect tropical hideaway for those in their productive years who wish to spend quality time with themselves, partner, friends, colleagues or family. It offers abundant peace and tranquility throughout its calm and natural surroundings while providing security, comfort, amenities and passion that every guest needs.

This eco-resort believes that there stands a healthier world where people are spreading positive energy.
Ulaman resort serves as a safe space to nourish mind, body and souls through an immersive, unique journey.


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