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Hair Canggu K18 Chelating Treatment

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At HAIR CANGGU, they select their products with extreme care as your hair means everything to them, and they want only the best products available for their clients.

K18 is the new kid on the hair brand block and has taken the world by storm, so as hair enthusiasts, they looked into the brand to see what all the fuss was about.

They soon discovered they had a lot more in common with K18 than they first thought. They both love a neon yellow aesthetic (see their grams) and they both work passionately to ensure their clients hair is healthy hair, as well as minimising their impact on the planet, so a real match has been made in hair heaven.

They tried and tested the products and were blown away by the results, but more than that, they loved the simplicity and speed with which the K18 products work – four minutes – to be precise.

HOWEVER…K18 then launched their newest product, the “chelating hair complex” spray, a de-mineralising treatment that works in four minutes to effectively reduce the seven most common types of metals and minerals found in our hair, and these minerals are unfortunately caused by swimming pools, salt water and Bali’s hard H20, all of which can wreak havoc on our hair causing our hair to feel dry, dull and damaged! Eeek!

They are super excited to offer clients this four-minute miracle as an in-salon service, which means you can do all the things you love to do in Bali, as well as having fabulous hair. A definite win-win situation!

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